Wednesday, January 16, 2019

10th Day of Christmas ~ Shopping and Special Things + Chicken Soup and Walton's Date

I was concerned about getting shopping done for 
the January (every January I think, best sales of year for our
local grocery store) as I was seeing that doing it with my 
Husband would just be too much at present 
(for him not myself) and so I went today from about 
11 - 2:30... and then gave my friend the small St Basil bread
and then put everything away...
I got a lot of things, as you can see...
actually more than this as I got various things at another store nearby
including (not pictured) a new pizza stone with a 10 year warranty!
So I tend to stock up on things during sales and I forgot one of the 
reasons that I do this (not a good reason but...)
it's fear.  Just the fear of running out/not having what I need when I need it.
Anyway, I just hope that all I have can be used to bless my Husband, our home and 
also others.  I also, another reason, like to have all that is needed
for my home, so that I have whatever we may need.
I am thinking of baking more bread and am excited about that.
Am looking at this walnut and cranberry bread recipe... 
Tomorrow is the 11th day of Christmas! 
I am so thankful for this time.
The Christmas miracle is as official as it can be now and it's such a relief. 
Well, we had chicken soup and a Walton's date.
We are both needing rest, so I best say 'good night' and
 God keep you well
for now! 

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Anonymous said...

Elizabeth, oh your soup looks delicious! And I love seeing all that you bought to stock up your pantry! Good for you!