Thursday, January 03, 2019

Christmas Preparations are in full swing!

Well, a busy day again!
I slept better and till 7 AM (with a rest later in the day, too).
A lot done today... here's a run down of it...
~tea jars washed in dishwasher
~tins for tea and cookies dried from dishwasher (first of 2 loads)
~tea put in washed and dried 4oz mason jars
~tea and cookies put in tins with label for tea and tin made and affixed
~all cookies in bags
~mint brownies begun to be put in small freezer paper packages
~turtle bars and messy toffee bits up from freezer (wow what a lot was there!)
~one pan of lemon coon bars cut up and put in various little packages, 
according to family size
~the race to find another gift bag (I have a stash) when I forgot a dear friend (this mad dash seems to always happen! Tea, cookies and treats now packed in a beautiful gold bag (that I don't even remember getting, it's pretty!))
~presents wrapped for various people (including KIDS!!!)
~ various gifts in bags in fresh direct bags for easy transport, all in our landing at present 
(it's not as heated so the baked goods will stay better and we have NO issues with
theft or other issues inside our place, as our landing is fully ours only and our neighbours
are fully trustworthy and it's only 1 set of neighbours that would have access).
I was quite tired and so glad when my Husband suggested going to our favourite diner.
however, when we got there, they were not open. :(
I worry that they are struggling. 
So we went to another place and had delicious seafood, so tasty. 
And I have leftovers for tomorrow!
So, we have more hope again for our unbloggable, we will know more after
Christmas... we've had a lot of hope and then hopes dashed so we will see...
though this one seems to be the most hopeful thing we have had...
Prayers quite welcome... :)...please!
Tomorrow I hope to finish up the food / treats prep + wrap the very last of the gifts.
And then clean house!
But for now, it is time for sleep.  
God bless each of you with His peace and protection!
Lord have mercy on all of us!!


Tracy said...

Hi, Elizabeth! So GOOD to catch up with you here after our post-Christmas travels and celebrations... :))) Wonderful to see your Christmas preparations and doings! LOVE the idea of the tea tins for reusable treat gift-giving. Praying your struggles of 2018 will blesses with God's grace and abundance into days less worrisome, and more at ease and peace... Blessings for this New Year, my friend ((HUGS))

Lisa Richards said...

Your tree is gorgeous, and you are such a FOOD ARTIST! :) Prayers for the resolution of your unbloggable concern. Have a blessed year!

Elizabethd said...

Always keeping you in praywer.
What delightful presents you have produced, and obviously have taken so much time over.

Granny Marigold said...

I love the idea of making tea mixtures and giving them in adorable little tins. Such a great idea.

Gloriade said...

Such lovely little personalized gifts, the very best kind because they come from the heart. Your tree is just beautiful. Many prayers that all your hopes for the new year will be turned into reality.

GretchenJoanna said...

Are those the lemon cream cheese bars in the last photo? Whatever they are, they look wonderful!

elizabeth said...

Yes G-J these are the lemon c.c. bars!!! ♡♡♡♡