Tuesday, January 08, 2019

Second Day of Christmas

 What a full wonderful day we had!
We were given so many lovely treats, I was given
5 different kinds of tea! 
The one I had for breakfast was so delicious, I had 2 teapots full!
If Earl Grey could be called a 'dessert tea' this one is!
Breakfast included a Christmas gift, 
of a delicious bread is a brioche loaf - tons of eggs and butter.... 
A delicious bread for Christmas! 
I had it with butter and apricot preserves!
Lunch was our annual takeout food!
I got my new Christmas cake pans!
We opened gifts and the 5 DE Stevenson books I ordered last year
arrived during this time!
I wore a beautiful unique necklace and a new shawl that I was given on 
Christmas day that is so lovely and warm!
I was given a beautiful gift from my blog friend Pat,
a lovely red shawl, much and porcelain spoon and green tea! 
Thanks again dear friend!
I saved this present for last as I just love surprises for Christmas...
And food gifts are such a blessing, honey, jam, super special chocolates,
and so much more.
And we got a lovely DVD and food to have an at home date while watching this movie!
We heated up take out leftovers for dinner and had a Walton's date!
I am hoping to get out my Christmas Miss Read book tomorrow,
the 3rd day of Christmas, and begin reading it!
I am still not sleeping that great (I think so much Christmas excitement!)
and tomorrow is going to be a much needed rest day.
And that was the second day of Christmas.


Becki said...

So fun to scroll through the pictures of your gifts! I know you will both enjoy them and remember your blessings as you do so. When I visit your blog I am reminded to remember mine. :)

Lilly's Mom said...

Greetings dear Elizabeth. I loved seeing all your wonderful photos of your Christmas gifts and celebration. What a blessed time of year this is for you and your husband. Lilly sends her meows to little Cleo. Have a wonderful day, Pat 🐈❣️🐈

Lisa said...

Those Godiva chocolates in the little packets - someone gave my brother a large cardboard container of them; I have eaten so many, but it's like the bottomless supply - so many left!

Granny Marigold said...

I love reading about each of your days of Christmas.
In the photo of you in your black dress I can see the beautiful necklace and also the wonderful red shawl. I hope you keep on having such great days ( and maybe great sleeps at night).