Wednesday, January 09, 2019

Good King Wenceslas looked out On the Feast of Stephen .... {the third day of Christmas}

Well, today was my rest day!
I did have a good day!
I ended up not sleeping that great so I was up by 7 AM doing dishes!
I also did some laundry (Cleo loved the flannel sheets that I later washed :) ) 
I enjoyed a salad and the chicken takeout for lunch and we finished
the beef short rib takeout dinner tonight!
Mr Husband was back at work today... I missed him... but had some good
conversations with my Grandma (she is healing well, thank God!), my Mom
and a long text conversation with my sister-friend.
I enjoyed 2 of my Mom's peanut clusters! 
And I had the Russian tea this morning, it was really good!
The bergamot fragrance was strong but the tea is as it says, delicately flavoured!
 It's quite good with a faint sense of "spice" on your tongue as you swallow! 
I am excited to try the last 2 Christmas teas I got! 
I am really enjoying the Miss Read Christmas book! 
I have not read it before and have been saving it for the 12 days of Christmas! 
It is so nice!  I love Thrush Green! 
Tomorrow will include more cleaning at home, I have my first (small)
Christmas dinner on Friday night, God willing!
I am hoping to make the Turkey Casserole again!
I find that it is food that makes a lot of memories and enjoyment for myself;
presents I remember in past years are often the food items I am given....
and tea :) ... of course I have been given many other lovely things
including books that have lead to hours of enjoyment, etc. 
I am grateful! 


Lisa said...

Enjoy - enjoy!! And a happy Christmas to Cleo, too. :) I like your embroidered tablecloth.

A man was telling me about his mother today, years ago when she'd be up late, and they'd find that she'd done some painting during the night because she was more of a night person. I thought of you, decorating in the night. ;-)

Lisa Richards said...

I remember reading that Miss Read book! :) Enjoy the rest of your Christmas!

Granny Marigold said...

You inspire me to read some Miss Read soon. I own many of her books but not Christmas at Thrush Green. Her books are so delightful and relaxing in a world full of turmoil and problems.