Tuesday, May 13, 2014

With thanks...

Thanks everyone for your comments 
on my post reflecting on
I’ve felt much better in this area
since writing on this topic and posting it.
The post was being formed within me for
sometime and just getting it down
was like spearing it and that by so doing I
could get on with things...
I had been feeling like pellets of hard but soggy hail had
been constantly raining down on me,
slowly, silently, discouraging me on the topic.

Now I have not changed that much since posting it,
as it really will be a bit by bit, little by little,
but I don’t feel that horrid pelting all the time.

The book, Adian’s Song, also helped a lot.
Just seemed to communicate that normal people like me
(well not that I am normal :))
have a place in this world and in God’s plan.

I have felt really encouraged by this book and was sad
when I read the last pages
and really wished for a sequel to read!
The book is so hard to sum up;
it’s a narrative journal that is well written; 
blogging at it’s best but beyond it,
as it were, it was funny, at times profound, 
beautiful, yet approachable,
it just made those dreary days when you wake up 
and it is grey cloudy and heavy
seem not as heavy or dreary.
It’s a really special read and I found myself wishing
I had 20 copies of it to give to friends! :)

So while I had been missing Kathleen Norris,
I must say that God truly gave me
a book in Adian’s song that I needed
at this precise moment and that helped
me break through a lot of the discouragement
I was feeling that is due to the 
continual process of adjusting to my new life
and the ups and downs it brings.

the house of the soul sometimes takes a few times to build without
it crumbing, but eventually I too will have this;
I read recently that the house of the soul is
built by Christ Himself for us,
His unworthy children…

It is becoming clear through my slow reading of Fr. John’s letters
that despair is to have no part in us
but hope in God’s mercy…

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Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

I think you were exceedingly brave to face up to the problem and document it, and equally, you are so right when you say that bringing a problem into the open diminishes its power over us and enables us to see resolutions much more clearly.