Monday, May 05, 2014

Today... so many things...

Monday is often a really hard day for me.
After a weekend of church, fellowship and 
lots of kids to love,
I am often at loose ends come Monday.
And today was no exception...
But I did get out of the house and that was huge.
This inspired me:

{slight warning for one minor rough-word-bomb}
It's really difficult.
I don't work as of yet.
I may someday but we don't know yet
and right now we are just trying to prepare for our
DV move to our new home.
But the video makes a point,
about the isolation that media, our smart phones, our FB, 
our blogs, can bring. 
But it just does not seem as simple.
I don't know anyone in this town we are leaving.
I know a few people in the town we are going to
and hope to make more friendships.
I am really hopeful about our move to this
new city... but for now, well... the no-people in my daily life...
It's just the way it is and I know I have to be patient. 
But there is a lot of goodness in my life for which I am grateful. 

Over the weekend we were treated to really yummy crepes.

The sunshine was so beautiful this morning;
it was hard to capture the light but I did manage
the above two pictures.

And this one.
My dried roses. :)

So my big accomplishment was 
going to the library.
I paid my small (less than 2$) library fine,
returned the three books I had out,
and used a desk to look at my knitting squares
for the baby square blanket I am working on.
Well, it is now going to be the 
baby square sunshine blanket!
I could not figure out what to do with squares and I ran
out of yellow yarn way before the blue yarn
so I played with the squares on the library desk I was at
until I came up with a design that worked.
A simple sunshine.
It will have lots of blue behind it... not sure
how the rest will work but it is fun and I am excited about
this turn of events in this creation.
It's all because I just can't bear to use a pattern right now
and so I just make do with what I have... 
it's fun and I really like the blue with the yellow...
So about the place we are buying:
still no word.
So we still have no idea when we are moving.
What can you do? 
Our attorney's know it, our realtor, they are doing what they can do
and we just have to wait.  There's nothing that can be done 
meanwhile and it will pass and become one of the
stories of our lives.
I am so very glad that we have many people praying for us.
I don't think I would be coping as well as I am 
if this were not the case.
And I would say it is hard to cope with moving and not
even knowing when that is.
But what can we do? 
Our feeble best.
Today on the way back home, 
it was a beautiful sunny day,
lots of kids in the park, one kid off to the side blowing bubbles
with this really big bubble blower, and right as I got home
I bought an ice cream cone from the 
ice cream man who was parked
momentarily on our street.
I was thankful to God for this simple thing.
I am not sure if I ever bought an ice cream cone from 
the ice cream trucks before and well,
now I have....


Lisa said...

Oh my! That video is excellent. It really hit when he talked about little ones being raised watching their parents stare at a screen. SAD! I know 'cause I have a grandbaby with parents who do this. I like blogging and the connections and friendships I've made here and would love to meet in person those whom I truly consider to be friends. :) Praying for your move (God's timing is perfect!) and for friendships to blossom in your new city. Love the dried roses and the sunshine blanket! Have a happy week, my friend. ~Lisa

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

I <3<3<3 the photo of your dried roses! Prayers continue for all your needs....