Saturday, May 24, 2014

Woosh ~ Day 5 ~ Tiring ~ Crazy Thunderstorm with Lightning

These boxes are two deep...

Mr. Husband's chair of over 20 years is now gone.

We will be getting a much better chair for him.

Strangely the new place did not have much
for hanging towels so we picked some out...
My Mom came to our place by taxi
to help me pack more yesterday afternoon.
I am really tiring out now.
The packing just does not end it seems.
I thought we could get it all done on
Thursday but I ran out of steam.
My Mom and I got groceries for the week,
then made dinner and packed the car to go to the new place.
Just as we were leaving,
big drops of rain started and soon it was 
a downpour,
the water dancing and bouncing off the streets,
intersections soon filling with rain soaked puddles.
So it was in a downpour, with thunder and lightning
that we brought stuff into the new place.
In the middle of that craziness,
my least important tea pot crashed to the ground
(I am so glad it was that on, as it was just one I had
bought from IKEA years ago, not one
that was given to me by someone else)
and I was cleaning up broken glass while rain was
pouring and thunder and lightning was keeping me praying
Lord have mercy!
Lord protect me!
St. George help me!
St. Menas help me!
It had broken near the sidewalk and was clear glass,
so I really did not want to be responsible for someone
not seeing it and cutting their foot!
I am pretty sure thanks to God's mercy
that we got it all.
We dropped off the stuff, said a quick hi to my Dad
and in the middle of that the home depot guy called for me
to drop off stuff; by then it was an official flash flood warning
and I told the guy to just go back to the store where it was safe!
This was just after I cleaned up the broken glass.
We got home safe thank God to our old place
and Cleo and had a quiet rest of the evening.
I was really hoping to have all packed by now so we could just 
be at the new place and unpack the library
but we are just not done here at the old place
and my energy is flagging.
Thank God we have till Tuesday to have it done.
It's just odds and ends now that always take
longer than one thinks they will...
Still, I am thankful... 


Reinventing Mother said...

Mercy that you are ok!!!!! It will all come to an end. We have not moved in 25 years. I shutter to think of that task! Prayers today!

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

Every blessing for whatever today may bring your way....

Paula said...

Wish I could come help you. I actually enjoyed packing when Colin and I married. Try to take it easy and not over-tire yourself.

GretchenJoanna said...

It's wonderful that you have your mother there to help with everything, including moral support!