Saturday, May 10, 2014

Changes, always changes

I remember when my cousin, her son and my Aunt,
her mother, drove me down to NJ
and we were at some small town diner in 
countryside of New York 
and the sensible young son got 
chicken strips
while I ordered sweet potato fries. 
Now for chicken strips in Canada the dip of choice
is plum sauce. 
And for sweet potato fries, a cranberry mayo.
So we asked for both condiments and the woman
serving us was like,
you're all not from around here are you?
as she had never heard of such luxuries ( :) ).
Well, I have yet to find the mayo
but did find a fairly similar plum sauce:
for shoprite and it is made in Canada.
Need I saw more? :)
Well about the changes.
We were going to have packing help
and boxes delivered.
Our packer has since poor guy
dislocated his shoulder
so Mr. Husband and I are packing away today,
ordered not as healthy food as seen above
(Domino's with what we call mordor chicken
with mango habanero sauce (YAY!))
and we are planning on going out to Home Depot
to buy boxes...
Prayers Requested!


Martha said...

I hope the packing goes well! ♥ Do you have a GFS (Gordon Food Service) near you? They have large bins inside where they keep boxes and I just got a bunch there for an older friend who is moving. FREE. It's so nice to find a bit of "home" like the plum sauce (which I've never tried) from Canada. I'll have to ask my sister if it's something they eat, now that's she's living in Canada.

Lisa @ HappyinDoleValley said...

Mordor chicken...that's funny! :) Sending wishes your way for happy packing and praying all goes well for your move! ~Lisa

elizabeth said...


I totally know GFS from being in MI but I don't think they are out this way. We bought a bunch of new boxes at Home Depot... It's what Mr. Husband wanted to do... for various reasons... When I was in Ottawa I would go to the wine shops, they always had great boxes for free! :)

Lisa, yep, my husband is a pretty funny guy; I love him; I also call it Mordor chicken :) but he did the name originally... thanks so much for your good wishes and prayers!!!