Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Baby Squares Sunshine Blanket, Two books and my Favourite knitting bag

Two books for this week:
I reviewed this very good read here.
I am loving this book.
It is so many things at once:
simple; beautiful; of the everyday and transforming it;
encouragement for all us 'small folk' who need
some heartening and a good dose of be courageous,
love deeply and God-loves-you and the Mother-of-God
and take heart and see beauty in your day,
no matter what day it is.
It's well written, has some real gems of encouragement in it,
should be loved by all who love poetry, 
it makes me feel at once relaxed 
and yet ready to face the next thing.
In other words, 
the best book I could be reading while in a this
crazy were-moving-and-the-close-date-keeps-changing time.
So here's what I am making; blogged about it here already;
Ravelry here.
Bag I love and keep this in ... see Wanda at 

 I ran out of yellow while still having lots of blue… 
so I made the squares into a cheery sun and 
am now going to see about finishing the blanket 
with the sun shining in the centre!

It's fun to just be creative
and see what will happen of it!
What are you reading and creating?
Yarn Along with us!


Reinventing Mother said...

You are always so sweet to picture your bag and link to my shop! It warms my heart that you are enjoying it so much! I am reading Jennifer's book and really enjoying it. I am so fascinated at your knitting and how you will connect all those squares . This is going to be so pretty !!!

Lisa @ HappyinDoleValley said...

I am eager to see how your sunshine blanket turns out! Good for you for going with it and being creative. :)
Blessings, ~Lisa

mamasmercantile said...

Looking forward to seeing how the sunshine blanket turns out. Such a good idea.

Sarah said...

How fun to just create the way you are doing! The yellow and blue are really cute together!

Christie R said...

A cheerful sun will be perfect, I love improvising! Really allows for creativity to stretch its legs. That sounds like a good book. I'll light a candle for you for the upcoming tumult and stress. Peace be with you! xo

Ranee @ Arabian Knits said...

Love the sun idea. I hope you are able to share the finished project.

MamaBirdEmma said...

Your books look good and I can't wait to see how your blanket turns out:)

karen said...

love the yellow squares, so cheerful and bright! I know the blanket will be beautiful!

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

A sun sounds like a lovely idea :-)