Thursday, May 01, 2014

Wet and Rainy Day...

These days I sense are precious,
to be lived, savoured, remembered.
I was sad yesterday morning about all
our moving plans changing but then 
God's mercy began to work and
the grey of the day was
given a lightness, a strength to 
replan, to do things that needed doing.
It was raining steadily yesterday; today does not look
much better; yet I went out with my red 
rain boots, red cart and red purse tucked inside 
our shoprite cooling bag so that at least the purse
would not be drenched; two coats, top one a rain coat
with a black hood, my black rain hat, my long black 
skirt over the red boots, black socks, pants too.
Black, red, rain, I went out to the post office,
the water was flooding the intersections already,
an older woman and young girl were walking ahead of me,
one with purple umbrella, the other with purple 
coat, they matched, purple and black...
I made it to the post office with a light heart;
gave two boxed up printer cartridges to be returned
and the lovie blanket to be mailed to my dear friend.
I got paint chips, more of them, after walking through
gallons of rain water,
the wind at one time was too strong even for my 
strong black umbrella...
I called Mr. Husband and he met me later on his way home
at the local Panera Bread and we ended up talking
to a lonely elderly man there all about 
real estate; he used to be in the buisness.
Mr. Husband does not have rain boots and
had not realized how bad the rain was;
I felt as I often do, warmed inside by his 
very presence and watching him in his black coat 
(we match that way, we're twins often)
and shoes and a deep red umbrella that barely stayed up
to keep the rain off his knit black hat...
He tried to avoid the huge rivers that were now the 
street intersections while I walked right through them
with my tall plasic red rain boots, red cart 
and drenched skirt on top of the boots.
It was one of those days that Madeline L'Engle writes about in
her book the young unicorns, 
that grey November rain.
But there is something wonderful about taking off one's red boots,
a soaping wet long skirt, praising God that other than that
I was dry and warm and 
Mr. Husband and I doing a load of laundry right then and there
for all the wet stuff, 
including the towel that was used to
try to dry off poor Mr. Husband's shoes that
were totally drenched through.

Mr. Husband's shoes.

Black Skirt and socks drying after the wash.

Bright Week was so beautiful;
now the roses petals are falling off the bright rose
bouquet we had, our moving plans 
are up in the air and it is raining again.

But it is good too.
I am reading a book that I am finding calming, quiet,
relaxing. Seriously the perfect book for right now,
It's so many things ~ thoughtful, beautiful, 
prayerful, often funny; it is giving me a sense 
of a life lived in praise of God 
and I just want to read it all in one sitting...

But instead I will go on with things, quiet, and
try to remember God as I do more to prepare for our move.
purging things, preparing linens and the like for my parent's coming...
We will know more on Monday when we will close;
there is a chance that the close date will be moved earlier
than the new crazy later date, 
that would upset all our plans.... but we won't know
till Monday and today is Thursday and
it is today that I must try to be thankful
and be with God.


Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

Sending sympathies to you and Mr Husband, our plans for selling my mother's old house have fallen into disarray and we are finding it all very stressful indeed.
May God give us strength and courage to cope with such setbacks!

Lisa said...


GretchenJoanna said...

I very much enjoyed your rainy streets story with the purple, red and black rainwear that God used to cheer you up. :-)
Thank God you and your husband have each other for comforting companions through these difficult days.

karen said...

I hope everything works out for you both. It's stressful when moving and especially buying selling houses! We have moved many times in our younger years and I remember the stress! Take care :)