Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Our Hope

Some thoughts that I wrote before
we became homeowners and are in the two weeks of busy 
{preparing our new place to move in and moving in!} ~ Enjoy!
It is the night before we close on our condo.
I was sleeping till about 1:30 AM until I was woken suddenly.
We did our evening prayers for everyone last night and
I stood there in front of our wedding icons and Cross
and asked Jesus to go with us to our new home,
to bless it and to have it be a place of prayer and healing for us.
Ever since I was given the thought of how
 I want to create a home for Jesus to be in,
I am a little more calm, a little more centered.
If only I can keep my focus on Him and grow closer. 


October Rose said...

A home for Jesus to be in ... what a beautiful thought, we should all aim to create such homes!

Lisa said...

There you go - you're on the right track. :)