Thursday, May 22, 2014

Irony... :)... and more on the day and paint colours

On the day I post my thoughts on
prayer and silence,
I am listening continuously to my Ottawa's church CD
while the packer and I pack up the house!
We should have most of it packed by the end of the day...
just some things in the office will be left!
Thank God! 
To quickly answer Paula's question...
does have grey in it and depending on the light and
the angle of a computer screen,
it would look more hard and grey; 
it is actually so many things, it's a very lovely colour;
it has a tint of a blue-green, like an opal, it's a lovely blue 
but it does indeed have grey in it; my Dad and I discussed that
and when it was wet it looked very grey!
The bathrooms DV will actually have wedgewood grey
which also is a blue-green with grey...
Well, I've packed at least 10 more boxes and the packer
has done a good number also, at least 10 by now...
lots of dishes! 
Thanking God!
Thank you all so much for your comments!
We are so excited for this new home and neighbourhood!
May God keep us all!


Martha said...

It will be so nice to settle everything in it's place. Sounds like you are making your home sweet home charming. ♥ We are trying to paint our house, it's not easy when you are living there...and have furniture to work around, BUT it's nice that we can keep the windows open and let the fresh air come in and let the paint smell out as it dries.

Mary said...

I love my woodlawn blue living room/dining room so much I'd paint my whole house that color... it is so peaceful and different lighting makes it looks grey, green, or blue.

elizabeth said...

Martha ~ yes it is so nice to paint before the room is filled! How nice that it is warm enough to have the windows open!!!

Mary ~ yes, agreed! We are going to paint the rest a rich cream, HC Montgomery white... the woodlawn blue is so peaceful! that's why it was chosen for the bedroom and chapel/library... to have some really places of rest! :)

Paula said...

That sounds pretty. Computers aren't the best for colours some days. I love the Wedgwood blue too. Though I have a set of Wedgwood dishes so I might be a bit prejudiced :) I would love to do a room robin's egg blue.

GretchenJoanna said...

I am always fascinated by the colors people choose for painting their interiors - I myself feel completely clueless about what looks good and am usually afraid to decide anything. I will look forward to seeing pictures of the actual rooms, but the swatches you posted look very lovely.