Friday, May 02, 2014

Friday or is it Saturday?

My current reads and my thank you journal.
It was not until I was done with my morning
prayers that I realized that today is Friday,
not Saturday morning.

Cleo the Chromebook blogger :)

Mr. Husband asked me to start preparing my desk space
for the move and all of a sudden 
yesterday I was packing! Three boxes done plus
4 dish boxes.
The boxes have begun.
Helped by spoonfuls of a double chocolate
banana bread that I baked last weekend.

So things have been a bit crazy.
I use this laundry basket for cleans and dirties
as we only have one basket so here's the problem:
I can't for the life of me remember if what is 
in the basket currently is clean or dirty.
Moving chaos is clearly impacting my brain.
And making me wash things potentially twice.

It's a cool sunny morning here!
Cleo was quite interested in the newly opened office window! 

So I ran the dishwasher this morning early,
not part of my usual early routine and before breakfast I 
looked at it and it was all quiet and I was so surprised
that it was done already...
only later to hear it running again.
What?! I asked Mr. Husband, did you turn it on again?
Only to realize with Mr. Husband that it was 
not done in the first place, only at a 'quiet' part of the 
wash cycle.
Clearly, my brain was left behind, maybe between preparing for sleep
and waking this morning... 

I am going to miss this light, this particular light,
this exact window.
But I am just going to enjoy it everyday
and I am already researching a plant stand for the living room
area and figuring out how to have plants by windows in the new place,
without Cleo destroying the said plants
(suggestions anyone??)

It is one of those wonderful early May mornings
and all the plants seemed to be perking up too...

I am leaving this out for my parents to see,
we will still DV be moving in the Bright Season,
which lasts 40 days...
It is still Pascha for all these days... 

Cleo loves open windows especially. 
You should hear her sometimes though,
she will see a bird and want to attack!
So funny...
Well, lots to do this Friday!
It's a festal fish day for us! :) For:
St. Matrona of Moscow! Akathist newly published here!
Wishing you all the joy of a Friday that I hope 
is sunny where you are and a good
second of May...


Lisa @ HappyinDoleValley said...

Funny how moving can have such an impact on our daily lives and routines. Hope all is in order and ready to go! That light! Oh my! I pray you will figure something out for the new place. That is a lovely window, and there is almost nothing better than natural lighting for a room (or one's mood!). Blessings, ~Lisa

Josephus Flavius said...

Three cheers for the Come to Me prayerbook. :)