Monday, May 26, 2014

Woosh ~ the weekend ~ and now the holiday Monday!

Pictures from Saturday...
~preparing the Great Room/aka living and dining area...

{we are going to need a few more arm chairs}...
We came back after liturgy and brunch with dear friends
to a beautiful sight!

My Dad had finished the painting on Saturday night!
I love this window and this so cheery yellow!!!

Trim and new crown moulding in kitchen is next...

A cherry long hallway!
Cleo's going to love running down this...  

It looks so much better.
We really want to keep the light and brightness of this place,
so we are doing more minimal window treatments...
some pretty lace valances and really good blinds to pull down
when we need it dark :)

My Mom and Dad were still out at their church and
exploring where they used to live
when we came to see what my Dad had accomplished!
It was a lovely Sunday...
I was really tired but some really good food at a local diner
and the post liturgical nap did help a lot.
It's been so nice to have my parents here....
My Mom is Mothering our new place by cleaning it all...
My Dad is doing his beautiful painting and has installed 
new white wood closet doors, fixed things and in general
is making our place much better.
Mr. Husband and I still have more to pack today 
but are hopeful to wrap it up soon!
It's so hard to leave our beautiful new home nightly to 
go back to our more chaotic in-packing-mess home
but two more sleeps and we will be in the new place,
God willing!
Move DV Wednesday and we have requested the same
crew for the move...
I am so thankful for everyone's prayers!
It's an exciting but tiring time... 


Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

Your new home is very beautiful :-)

Anonymous said...

Your new home is so beautiful, I'm happy for you!
And your parents are great!

GretchenJoanna said...

Oooh - wonderful yellow - not too bright, just cozy and emphasizing the light coming through -- and so much light! I love seeing these pictures.

Michelle M. said...

Your home is LOVELY!

Lisa said...

It's looking terrific - beautiful!

Anny said...

Wow! So much has happened since I last checked in with you! Your house is beautiful! I LOVE the cheerful yellow-good call! It looks like a bright and happy space. Keep up the good work!