Wednesday, May 28, 2014

~the flower of humility~

Some thoughts that I wrote before
we became homeowners and are in the two weeks of busy 
{preparing our new place to move in and moving in!} ~ Enjoy!
Today is our moving day. Please pray for us!
My spiritual father early on, in Ottawa, told me that humility
is directly linked to self-knowledge.  
The more one truly sees oneself, the more they will be humble.  
I can see this a little more now; how when one realizes their own weaknesses, 
really sees them, they are less likely to be bothered by other’s weaknesses, 
especially when one sees that they are the same weakness that is in ourselves. 
I certainly have a long way to go in this, 
but even the little I see now of it is a true sweetness; 
it is the opposite though of being self-absorbed; 
humility leads to prayer, humility, a monastic told me once, 
is the other side of the coin of love.  
Really knowing oneself that leads to humility will always leave to love, 
never judgement of another.  And so it is with the sweet love that
only Christ can bring gives birth 
to the beautiful flower of humility into our lives.


the habit of being said...

your monastic friend sounds wise. praying for a smooth move and transition into the new digs!

Martha said...

I hope all went well with your move! ♥ May you have a wonderful feast of the Ascension of our Lord.

Lisa @ HappyinDoleValley said...

Praying blessings upon your new home and wishing you much joy as you settle in. :)