Tuesday, May 27, 2014

~gentleness nourishes mercy, mercy gives flower to beautiful fruit in our lives~

Some thoughts that I wrote before
we became homeowners and are in the two weeks of busy
{preparing our new place to move in and moving in!} ~ Enjoy!
Cleo has started sleeping on the dining room table, 
though she knows she is not suppose to do so.  
She is ‘acting out’ a bit because of the disorder that our current home has become, 
with so many boxes everywhere.  
I just grab her gently by the scruff of the neck 
and tell her not to do so.  
Gentleness ultimately is what will get results, 
with Cleo a Cat but also with others and even with ourselves. 

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Martha said...

You are being a good parent to Cleo...not giving in to her, but gently ♥ reprimanding her.