Thursday, May 08, 2014

Joining PHFR in the first half of May

Thought I would join
Auntie Leila today for
A park in my small town yesterday.

Spring is such a beautiful time.

If you would see the rest of that sign,
sadly we'd be to the real immediately.
(i.e. one of the things was no alcohol; sad to have to 
even mention).
Yesterday was one of those golden days.
I woke early,
as able to do prayers that I wanted to do 
the other day for St. George's Day 
(May 5 on Julian calendar),
my husband woke up happy and laughing,
we worked at home, I went to the local yarn shop,
and then the library to keep working on my sunshine blanket,
that lives in one of Wanda's wonderful bags,
and we got more of the office packed for our upcoming move.

 Cleo the Cat once again thinking 
that my chair for dinner or lunch is really hers
and that the lunch is for her... 

Nightmares, bad sleep, and what I hope is allergies
and not the start of a cold.
Good thing that God is always awake,
no matter what time one wakes from a 
troubling dream...

After some brilliantly sunny and cool days,
today is overcast, cool, rainy.
Storms rest of the week.
We are hoping that all goes well with our move;
I am tired today, I have a feeling Mr. Husband more so.
But God is with us.
We are really hoping that our move date,
in late May, will be a sunny cool day!
round button chicken


Reinventing Mother said...

I just love the window in your home! I hope the new one also has beautiful light.

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

I had to laugh at dear Cleo :-)