Thursday, May 15, 2014

~P,H,F,R~The Move Prep Edition

~ Capturing the context of contentment in everyday life ~
Joining Auntie Leila again today!

These dried roses, this light, this window sill.

My knitting pile.


Cleo the Cat packed herself in a box
 and also thought it was her new bath
and sunbathing spot.  :)

We move in just under two weeks.
We close on the condo very soon now
and so far...
~our packer went out of commission with a dislocated shoulder
and I am now our #1 packer. I am guessing we will have at least
30 boxes of books.
~our mover was in an auto accident; he's ok but in pain.
~we thought we would have an early move of some stuff but now
that is not at all in place because we did not close when we thought we 
would and all plans were totally rejigged.
~another key player in this condo thing was out cold recently with a migraine.
Seriously Mr. Husband and I are begging 
the Mother of God's protection
every night for EVERYONE involved in this 
condo-buying and moving-packing-condo preparing
I invite all prayers to our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ
and all the Saints for this!
And esp. for my parents who hope to drive two days to get to us
so that they can prepare our condo and help me/us pack.
And that's it for this week's 
pretty-happy-funny-real in my life that
I am so glad that God, the Saints, my family
and you all are part of! 
round button chicken


9peasMom said...

Good luck with the move and I pray all goes well from this point forward.

elizabeth said...

Thanks so much!

Lisa said...

It's going to happen! Some things seem like they'll never be over with, don't they? Cleo is enjoying it, isn't she?

Heather LeFebvre said...

Sounds like you are busy!!! Glad you have a new move date though. Hope all goes well.