Friday, May 23, 2014

Woosh ~ Day 4 ~ Coming Along!

Mr. Husband at work yesterday
and I was home with the packer
(the kitchen and dinning room are now packed
and I did 10 to 15+ boxes myself of other things),
I figured my Dad would be able to do both bathrooms
since we would not be there to get in his way as much! 
And I was right!
We went over to our new place before dinner
and my Mom went with me to see the great work Dad did...

It looks really great and goes really well
with the woodlawn blue of the master bedroom and 
chapel/library/guest bedroom!

Then my Mom said,
Dad did something else too!

The office is beautifully painted!
Montgomery White by Benjamin Moore...
My Dad helped us pick the colours in the end...
we picked various paint chips and knew we
wanted a blue and a cream...
the three colour are all in the historic collection,
meaning that they are colours that have been used 
in centuries past... they are just perfect for us!

I had wanted a warm cream that has a hint of 
the shades of red/orange instead of a cream/yellow 
that would be more on the 'green' side.
It's just what I had hoped it would be!
This colour will also be in our hallway and
Great Room area (kitchen, dining, living room)...
Mr. Husband had wedgewood gray in his house 
that he sold the fall that we were dating and I had insisted
that we consider this colour for the bathrooms
since he mentioned it so many times.
Then my Dad said we should have the woodlawn blue
as it will go better than the blue I had picked 
and I am so glad we went with this! 
It looks great and the colours are really loved
by Mr. Husband too.
I was telling the packer about how Mr. Husband and I met
and he said, it was meant to be and so today
I told Mr. Husband that see, it was meant to be,
as we even like the same paint colours... :)
DV Mr. Husband's parents will come towards the end of June
and will finish the projects for the new home!
My parents will stay to do more yet as well
and it is just a really special time that way.
It's a tiring time but also a time of new starts and 
of thankfulness and family.


karen said...

Everything looks so fresh and new, I love the paint colors and sort of wish your dad was my dad and he could help me pick out paint colors. I'm not talented that way!

Reinventing Mother said...

It is all looking so lovely! I have used BM Wyeth Blu ein many areas of my home. I learned late in life, as a lover of blue, that you really have to understand how the light at different times of day hits your walls. Now I get it!

Lisa said...

I'm very glad it's all coming together for you!

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

It's wonderful! Your Dad has done such a fantastic job :-)