Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Sunshine, Not being in control but trusting God, Cleo and our current home library

What a long title to a blog post! 
But that is what I have to write on this morning.
But first, it is St. George Day today! 
We must take heart! 
Well, we got an answer that we are 
looking to confirm is final last night.
It looks like we are not getting
 the close date we wanted.
It is still in May but much later than
what we had hoped for.
Today will have many phone calls to start planning
based on this new date.
Meanwhile, I thought I would show some things around the house 
so I can remember things before everything is packed up for the move.

I was mailed this lovely vintage dress as a wedding gift.
It is too small for me (the giver knew only my husband
so while I look thin, it's more illusionary, as
I am more on the thin-looking-solid size 10 or something
depending on the brand).
Anyway, I had the dress as a cheery decoration on this door
of our bedroom closet for over a year and after
taking some pictures of it,
put it in the discard clothes pile as Mr. Husband is right:
we must let go of what we can before we move.
So all the Fiesta ware dishes are pretty much packed,
so we are using our blue willow found at rummage sale dishes now.
Since the Fiesta ware dishes had boxes made for them that we kept
this was the easiest to box up.

I eat Cheerios some days for breakfast
and Cleo often loves the little bit of milk that is left! 

The two icons you can't see in this picture are
old ones of St. John the Baptist and the Mother of God.
They came with the gift of the dress and were 
most appreciated.
The Paschal Resurrection icon is one that was Mr. Husband's 
and I believe is also the one, in a large size, that is at
my first Orthodox church, 
in the Altar... 
When I wake up in the morning I see this icon right away;
it is bracing, courage giving and heartening. 

Other icons,
Optina Fathers, the Mother of God, St. Stephan... 
candle from sister-friend from when we both lived in BC...
So this is our current library,
it's in our bedroom as we did not have other space for it.

Much of what you see here are all my books, icons, pictures.

Billy Bookcases, IKEA.
Mr. Husband's Dad put them together before we 
were married.

The corner icon shelves.
We have doors for this shelf too for when 
it will no longer be in a corner like that;
these we hope will all DV be in our future
library/guest room/chapel. 

I still remember when I got that icon, 
my Ottawa spiritual father told me they are Passion-Bearers,
Bearers of Sorrow..., 
This icon of him (far left of picture) was at my church
in a time when icons that were at church, left for years 
from others in the past, were being distributed.
I noticed this one and asked my spiritual father about it.
He said the Saint's name and to look him up.

Picture of Mother Alexandra in a frame
on top left in the above picture.
I know people who view her as a Saint and 
I am so very glad I have this picture of her.

My family wedding picture corner in our bedroom...

How I love and will miss this morning view!

This was a wedding gift;
sadly got a bit wet but I am still glad I have it.
All in the end will be solved by love.
Please pray for us as we try to prepare for our move
and wait final confirmation of the close date. 
May God help and comfort us!

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author said...

I love those bookcases! Won't it be fun to unpack and organize your new place, opening up boxes and finding just the right spot for everything. Hope it all goes well.