Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Woosh! ~ Week 2 Day 1 ~ crowned beauty and our library

Yesterday my Dad cut all the crown moulding
for the kitchen and installed it.
Our neighbour let use his saw and nailer.
To cut in a corner you need to cut in a 45 degree angle,
my Dad told me.
It's not easy work.

We don't know why the kitchen was left unfinished without the moulding but
it looks so much better now!
You can see in the picture above and below where
there was no moulding.

And now here is my Dad's lastest work
on making our home beautiful!

Today I think he is going to sand the new moulding and caulk
and paint where needed.

That he got the moulding up in one day impressed me! 

Now the Great Room area {kitchen, dining, living}
looks like a complete and unified whole.
Today my Dad hopes to put
sheets of a smooth plywood above the cupboards,
putting firring strips down first that will 
make it raised first;
you can't see it but the cupboards above
had no unified smooth top and where the cupboard ended
there was openings so lots of dirt and dust could fall down in them.
Now it will be ready to clean easily, not have dust and dirt
continue to accumulate and if wanted you can put things on top of the
cupboards as decoration.
(the cupboards were too low and deep set to have this possibility before).
My Dad is also working on re-staining and varnishing our
front door as it was looking quite poor and weather-worn.
My Mother super-cleaned our bathrooms and the office floor.
Together my parents cleaned the outside of the fridge;
my Dad did the coils, my Mom everything else,
apparently it was in dire need of cleaning!
Mr. Husband and I packed steadily yesterday and made
great progress.
At night we began our library while Dad finished up
the moulding.
Here's our progress:

 All shelves are up.

 Our first chapel/library icon corner :)

Some of our best books are up on the wall next to the only window
in the room, so that no light damage will happen from the sun.

Lots to unpack yet!

I hope to do more this afternoon! 

We are thinking of getting a tall skinny shelf with a door
for the wall to the left of the window...

Can you see how this wall has an unusual corner?
This God willing will be for our prayer stand and icons,
along with the 'empty' wall to the right.
And that is yesterday's progress!
We are really excited to be moved in tomorrow 
and continue to make our new place our beautiful home!


Peacocks and Sunflowers said...

So glad all the moving hiccups were worked out! Aren't your parents wonderful :) Lovely to see your new place taking shape, and to think that everyday things like the mouldings and paintwork will remind you every day you live there of your family's love and support. <3 <3

Lisa said...

So fun to see all your progress! :)

Matushka Anna said...

What a blessing your parents have been! I'm sure it's fun even though it's hard work. May God bless your home!

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

This is so exciting to see!

Xenia Kathryn said...

Thank goodness for handyman Dads! Mine's like that too :) The place looks awesome!