Saturday, May 17, 2014

Saturday May 17, 2014 ~ first full day as home owner

Dear friends!
Thank you for your prayers!
Mr. Husband and I now have the condo.
We are soon having breakfast and then going 
ASAP to home depot.
We may have a damaged sink 
that we are wondering was done after our inspection.
There is nothing that can be done... 
but we are getting keys changed ASAP.
We did not have time yesterday...
By the time we were driving back to our 
now very temporary home that we've been renting,
the flash flood warning came up on our cell phones.
We saw a manhole cover spinning like a quarter on top of the road
last night....
Today is sunny.
The condo is lovely.
Pictures forthcoming...
Pray for us!


Paula said...

Of Course!

Have a great day!

Reinventing Mother said...

So happy for both of you!!!! Prayers going up!

Athanasia said...

Congratulations Elizabeth!

Take photos of the sink and talk to your realtor about the damage. They may be able to recommend a way for recompense for the damage.

Many years in your new home!

October Rose said...

Hurrah! Congratulations on your new home!

GretchenJoanna said...

Oh, how exciting! I will pray that you enjoy it all and don't get too worn out from the happiness!

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

Congratulations! I would certainly inform the realtor as a matter of urgency about the sink damage; I know that in the UK, the property must be left in the same condition as when the buyers last viewed it or compensation can be claimed.