Tuesday, May 20, 2014


Some thoughts that I wrote before
we became homeowners and are in the two weeks of busy 
{preparing our new place to move in and moving in!} ~ Enjoy!
I am thinking a lot about my childhood these days, so many memories.  My Grandma had a good friend she would go out for Brunch with Saturday mornings and she would sometimes take me a long and her friend would take her granddaughter too and so us two kids would play together after eating some food.  I remember one Saturday it was just pouring rain and we were at Burger King and there was a fun play area outdoors there.  The other girl and I played in the rain that day, totally drenched and I remember how fun it is.  This playmate I only saw when our Grandmas got together  is now one who my husband and I are praying for this girl who is now a mother of three; she has thyroid cancer.  Name is Colleen. Please remember her.

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Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

May the Lord bless, preserve and heal His handmaiden Colleen....