Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tuesday - Cold, Snow and Cover Letters

I printed this icon of St. Menas.

I am going to put it in my new shelf Icon Corner.

One of my friends who grew up in an Orthodox country

related to me St. Menas was the first Saint she was really close to

as a young girl...

She told me that St. Menas never hesitates to help us

and quickly...


I posted a while back of finding the Akathist to St. Menas;

we are so blessed to have so many avenues and types

of prayer in the Orthodox church.


I remember a nun telling me how they pray to St. Menas

and that he never lets them down.

You cannot say it more simply than this!


I am looking for a job-finding miracle!

Finished two cover letters due tomorrow;

have to edit, finish the resumes.


Got news of an interview at a far off place

in North America via Skype.

Another reason I am so glad I have a new computer!


I fully admit that I desire to stay in Ottawa

but must seek God's will and hand.

Um, but that does not mean inside I am thinking

no, no, no not moving, no...

But one thing at a time.

I am asking God to resolve this situation

and for me to obey!


I do have the interview next week for another Ottawa position...

It is cold here still.

I wore my snow pants to experiment

with walking to the store.

I stayed warm; my cheeks got very red with cold;

clearly the third top scarf is needed.

Style verses warmth = stay warm and forget 'style.'!


I love my scarves as my Oma knitted them

and I think of her when I wear them and how

her work is keeping me warm.


I got two loaves of thick wheat walnut raisin bread

for half off at the local bakery.


I am seeking to continue to take this one day at at time;

I have enough for now,

and must do what I can job-wise

every day.

I must not worry about the future but merely

trust that God will continue to provide for me.

My sister and brother in law arrived safely back in
It was such a good time this past Christmas.
I am so blessed.
which is hard to imagine.
Noah's mother's faith in Christ and determination
to focus on today and on thankfulness
is not only helping save her in the here and now
but is a real testimony to me.
Let's keep praying one for the other!
God is with us.


Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

I am so glad that your family have had a safe journey, and sad to read the news about Noah....Lord have mercy !

Things are certainly getting busier on the job interview front; prayers for God's blessing and direction at this point in your life.

RW said...

I love this icon. I have one from my time is Taize.

elizabeth said...

Thank you so much Elizabeth!

RW - yes, it is such a good icon. I have the print on my new corner area in my room now... first time I saw it is on the cover of the sayings of the desert fathers translated by Bendicta Ward...

E Helena E said...

Yes, good and encouraging to hear that there is much activity rather than silence from potential employers. May the Lord provide!

Michelle M. said...

Still praying for you. May St. Menas intercede for you!