Thursday, January 27, 2011

Thursday - Warmer with unexpected interview

I was studying for my Tuesday interview
when I got an email for an interview
tomorrow at 9 AM
for a short term library contract
(to end of March).
This news came very soon after looking at
my beleaguering bank statement;
this contract could be a huge God-send
while I wait to see about the other interviews...

I know I must keep seeking to trust God

for all my needs.

This job would really help me;

I ask your prayers.

I am back to using the pictures of summer...

Thought we all needed to see some flowers about now...

These flowers were from the Feast of the Dormition
at the monastery this past August.
Remembering God's mercies and care
that were so evident during this time...
Long time readers may remember all the adventures that started
while I was home in August this past year...
I got word of the all day interview in September
that I bought a great suit for
(which I keep using for all interviews now, keeps it simple!)
and ended up having about two or so interviews a
month of all different kinds...
Here's to hoping that this part will soon end,
at least for now!
God is with us!


. said...

We'll be praying!

Anonymous said...

Praying for you and keeping you always in my thoughts!

Babushka Jo
(who finally got gmail so I could post to you here! :)

elizabeth said...

Thanks Sarah!

Thanks B Jo!! yay! happy to see you here! you're always welcome here! thank you for your prayers!

Cristina said...

I'm praying for you. Always be hopeful! Hugs!

Athanasia said...

Thanks for the inspiration of spring!

God's mercy for the interviews.