Friday, January 21, 2011

Friday - Cold, Sunny and Unexpected

Longer time readers will recognize this


it is in my former more spacious apartment

(which actually I don't really miss that much,



My computer pictured above started showing signs of

monitor failure back in August;

pink screen when turning on...

I was told it was only a matter of time and

to keep everything backed up.


Thankfully I have a great external hard drive

that I got a few years ago.


Today my monitor started the white

flash/fast flicker

and I knew this was another sign

warning me of eventual computer failure

via monitor.


So with a flurry of messages to blog and other friends,

laptop research and phone calls,

I wasted no time.


It may sound crazy given I have yet to secure employment

but I need a computer to job search;

so I went to Future Shop and got a new Gateway computer

(my old one is a Gateway too, lasted over 5 years)

for a good price,

all the 'zero down, pay later' details done

I am now using it for this blog post.


The nice thing other than faster speed

is more memory;

now I have all my pictures back on my hard drive!


I knew that the last thing I need is

computer failure

right before an interview

or application deadline.

(I have one of each in the next 1.5 weeks! for

Ottawa library work).

So I thought this post would be a retrospective

of older pictures.

This one is of the fancy tea party I had last summer;

was so much fun to do!

My favourite special walk in the summer time

near to my favourite tree...

And how can I not include
an icon of our Saviour and Lord Jesus Christ
who a friend and I did prayers to recently;
she is good for prayers for employment,
for protection of families,
for birth of children
and for what begins the home
a spouse.
Her icon is the first mounted icon I ever purchased
and she remains very special to me
in my life and in many others.
Today feels like a 'calm before the storm' day;
I did not job search but computer searched;
trusting God for all things;
job; provision; wisdom.
God is good to us and will not abandon us in our search.


margaret said...

And I thought it was a photo of Cleo to the Rescue! fixing your old one.

elizabeth said...

Sigh. If only!! Cleo is great, but not that technical... :)

Athanasia said...

I love a girl who thinks ahead. Good on you for getting a new computer before the old one kicked the bucket. Wise move!

Praying for the job. God's will be done.

elizabeth said...

Thanks A - I do tend to think ahead... and one of the techs at Staples...when he heard about what my old computer was doing, he laughed and assured me that it was indeed dying... (the laughter was more directed at my idea of hoping to sell it for parts...) :)

GretchenJoanna said...

My computer is two years old and the computer guy says it must have a "memory leak" from a corrupted file or something, judging from what the taskbar is telling us about memory use. His solution: just buy a couple gigs more of memory to deal with it. I am certainly looking forward to the "memory sticks" arriving in the mail! I feel very iffy about the computer these days....