Saturday, January 15, 2011

Saturday Cold and White

Today I cleaned.

After I submitted another cover letter and resume


I did laundry; I dry laundry all by hand.

Now laundry and dishes are done.


Every morning lately I wake up

like I have gotten a cold;

using Kleenex, coughing, congestion;

within a few hours I feel fine again.

In case it is allergies,

I swept all dust bunnies away.


A friend told me that it could be nerves

and that he gets that sometimes.



I could not help though

thinking that even though I really needed to clean

that it meant I was not job searching at the same time.

Yet the cleaning was needed.


I am seeking to trust God for what I need.

I am struggling with anxiety;

due to circumstances outside of our control,

there could be no confessions tonight.


Monastics have told me about submitting everything

to God and trusting God to do in a day

what is needed;

so I seek to learn this in all things.


I want to learn this;

to be at peace;

not obey Christ and not worry.

Today it snowed and snowed.

It was cloudy all day with snow - a type of 'snow-fog.'


I am glad for a clean house.


I am really looking forward God-willing

to liturgy tomorrow.

I thought a cute and kind a funny picture of Cleo
was needed about now.
Twice this week she has decided to hide
in this blue pillow
that is on my IKEA arm-less arm chair.
So cute.
I have other friends that are also struggling
right now -
for reasons of privacy I can't way their names
but can you pray for two of my friends today?
They are in great need.

1 comment:

Jane G Meyer said...

Blessings to you! And praying for you and your dear friends. Praying.

I miss the cold--if I could... I would take a walk in the chilly air, and then return to my warm and clean home--and my kitty who hides in blue pillows-- and drink a steamy cup of tea...

Blessed Sunday!