Friday, January 07, 2011

Christmas - the second one...

Christ is born!

Glorify Him!


Liturgy was beautiful this morning.


Celebrated at a fellow parishioner's house afterwards.

This is the ornament my sister gave me

for Christmas

from Romania -

she has the same one

which makes it even more special to me.

The cloth under it my Oma made

and my Mom gave it to me over the holidays.

I received this Icon today.
I do not know which Icon of the Mother of God this is.
Can anyone tell me?
I really love it!
More trusting God in my life...
There are two job ads for library jobs in Ottawa;
both I have some reservations about,
that are unbloggable.
I have not heard from either of the phone interviews I had in the past month.
Checked email today around 5 pm;
I was asked about a temporary clerical job via job agency
to start Monday.
They had emailed early in the morning when I was walking to church
for liturgy.
So I did not get that job.
Would of provided future rent money.
But I am trusting God for His mercy.
He has provided enough that I will be okay for the next
month and a half.
I am seeking to trust God for my daily needs.
Tomorrow I am having my Ottawa Birthday Party!
Thanks for all your suggestions!
I ended up going with a beef roast and side dishes
(one of you suggested beef roast, thanks!)
I'm excited for this lunch/dinner party!
I received a beautiful CD of Christmas carols
sung in French, Italian, and German;
The candle is lit by the icon I have of the Nativity.
God is so clearly providing for me;
when I think of the abundance at the table
for my Christmas Eve dinner,
I cannot but be thankful -
Friends brought three loaves of really good bread,
lots of clementine oranges (and I had been wishing for some!),
pickled vegetables...
I am a bit behind in my blog reading, so if I normally comment on your blog
and have not, know that it is merely because
of the business of the days.
My love to all
and my wishes and prayer that God will comfort and strength us all
according to our needs.


Jodie Anna said...

welcome home and Merry Christmas! That is a gorgeous icon - I love it! I am praying for you about jobs - I hope you continue to have peace as you trust in the Lord.

Athanasia said...

Joyous Nativity Elizabeth!

I LOVE that ornament and the cloth under it. They both are so beautiful. May they bring you many years of joy and warmth.

Michelle M. said...

Christ is Born!

I'm so glad that you had nice time with your family. The icon is beautiful.

I hope something will work out in this new year as a job for you. You are in our prayers.