Saturday, January 22, 2011

Make my days happy as they were sad

When I was at the monastery over the New Years
one of the line of a prayer that was prayed
every day was to this effect:
Lord, make my days happy as they were sad.
I am not sure what part of a service or Psalm
this prayer is from,
but it has stayed with me.
I know at least in part that the goal of our lives is
not to be happy.
Shocking, I know, since
the pursuit of happiness
has become a constitutional right!
But happiness is found in giving of one's self
not in self-love,
not in looking for self-fulfillment.
Yet this prayer is real too;
after days and years of sorrow
though I have so much compared to most,
like the country of Haiti or
the poor and homeless in Ottawa;
yet I hope that new things can happen in my life,
starting with employment...

It is a beautiful day here.

My new computer is pretty much set up.

Just need some CDs to burn music from my old

computer before it dies

(it's my Slavonic music that a friend gave me;

I lost the CD of it and only have it on my computer).

A friend is coming soon for tea.

I have been cleaning house;

where does all the paper come from

that I am constantly recycling!

This picture is for Marfa who asked if

I have gone skating on the Rideau Canal;

Here is a picture I promised!

I have not skated since I was a kid but every winter

Ottawa lowers the water for the canal and

many go skating,

many even skate all the way to work or school!

Beauty and hospitality is so important.
Heard an astounding sermon this week;
Theophany as the revelation of God
in the Trinity
as a deep reciprocal intimate love shared with
the Father and the Son
through the Holy Spirit;
this is my beloved Son, of Whom I am well pleased.
That the Baptism of the Lord is an invitation of God
to us to see who God is the Trinity;
a Divine Thrice Unity of intense love.
The Trinity Icon is also called the Hospitality of Abraham;
the Trinity is the pinnacle of unity love and hospitality
shared in perfect relationship.
May we learn to seek this God and share in this beautiful


Marfa said...

Very nice.
The quote sounds like it's from a psalm. Wow, it would be so fun to ice skate all the way down the canal to work! It's been a lovely in Sunday School I read a book about how John grew in the wilderness and taught the people to change their way of life and devote it to God...then baptizing them in the Jordan, and Christ, too. We also talked about the manifestation of the Trinity: the Father spoke from the Heavens, the Son (Jesus Christ) and the Holy Spirit a dove decending upon Him.

Kiernan said...

I love that quote. Still praying for your interviews. :-)

elizabeth said...

Yes, I would think it is from a Psalm too but I don't know which one... I wish I did!

Sounds like a wonderful Sunday school class!

K - thank you very much for your prayers... they are needed!

Molly Sabourin said...

Beautiful post, Elizabeth. I've been thinking about beauty and hospitality as well, lately. Your reflections on the matter are very encouraging. Prayers for you as you continue to seek employment and live fully each day as it comes.

Sh. Patty said...

That is a beautiful verse or prayer or whatever. It always strikes me in praying the prayers of the church, that they imply that God does want us at peace, happy, not grief-stricken, depressed, sad. It will not always be so, but that the church offers us prayers for peace and such, it must be that God does not want us to remain anxious or sad.

I also love that photo of your (?) table. You have the loveliest set-ups. :)

elizabeth said...

Thank you Molly! I need the prayers!

Sh Patty - YES, I think this is exactly it. Christ promises rest which leads to true peace and happiness. Makes me think I should write a post on this. Our culture does not know how to find either or what it means.

Thanks for loving the table photo - yes - it is my table! My Grandma's dishes - was a shoot of my Ottawa Birthday Party dinner! :)