Friday, January 14, 2011

Starting Again Tomorrow...

Tonight I began again

Elizabeth Goudge's

Scent of Water.


This is my most special book.


My neighbor was just moving things in her apartment,

wow, was that loud.

Thin walls here.

But at least my walls are blue and cream


I start again tomorrow.

Must clean off my cluttered table.

Goal is to finish one application and have a

first draft for another, with resume.


I am going to have to continue to apply

for non-librarian jobs;

maybe try retail;

I have never tried and am a bit at a loss

to what to do.

I plan on going in to see my job person about this.

I was ready to go in this direction last November but got sick,

as long time readers remember.

So now I am better from that sickness

and must try again.


Of course I hope for a better job;

I had to explain again to one of my most very beloved

academic friends

that I can't just get a quote

'lower level job'

and work it part time while I look for other work.


Really these jobs only pay, if I am lucky,

about 12 an hour

and I have to work full time at this salary

to make basic ends meet.


One day at a time.

God has provided for me always

and I must continue to remember this.

My favourite tree in the sunshine today.
Praying that God will bring sunshine in our hearts,
that we will be open to Christ
and seeking to abide in Him.


Matushka Anna said...

(((hugs))) and prayers for a good night's sleep.

Marfa said...

I know that around here a library job (unless you are willing to be a "shelver" or just volunteer) is hard to come by...hopefully you'll find something in retail. I've always wanted to open up my own artsy shop...maybe fine paper, fountain pens, or yarn or a bakery and offer a variety of teas...
I always seem to land a school job...which is fine with me! It is ironic since we've chosen to homeschool our girls. I just see so much potential and hate to see it go to waste if we can do more at home...and have fun while doing it!

Sarah said...

Weird queestion, what's the cost of living like where you live? Good luck with resume's and applying. I've worked retail for the past several years so let me know if I can be of any help. Enjoy your book :)

elizabeth said...

Thanks everyone!

Sarah, Ottawa is pretty expensive - less costly than Toronto or Vancouver I think - but the cost here is pretty high... which does not help... but leaving for the States, for instance, is not really an option as I need healthcare and would have none in the States...

Anastasia Theodoridis said...

It's a hard, hard row to hoe for you, and for so many others, too, nowadays. May you find the right work soon! Sending hugs and prayers.