Sunday, January 09, 2011

Reflections on a Quiet Cold Sunday

Woke up not feeling all together well.
So I stayed home, which is a bummer
as I really love church.

Remembering God's care and that He is here

at all times.

Remembering the nice family times

I had recently.

I have been given enough for today
and must continue to look to God for my salvation.
I was able to get the book
and have been thinking about how
Elder Thaddeus was interested in ordinary people's struggles
as he knew that it was in these that their salvation
was being worked out.
Everyone has struggles and at times deep battles
and we must trust that God is working out our salvation
through them.
May God comfort and strengthen us...


mamajuliana said...

I am still working through Elder Thaddeus' book. I can't take too much in at one time. I sort of have to savor it.

elizabeth said...

MJ - I can understand this...there is so much teaching in this book, to really absorb it, it would have to read slowly...

E Helena E said...

Feel better soon! Hugs to you. Sorry you had to miss church (I hope to be back later this month...)

margaret said...

Get well soon!

It's a horrible winter for colds and things, everyone I know is getting one infection right after another :(

I have been thinking of getting that book, perhaps I will now.