Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wednesday, Theophany, Abundance and Interview Prep

My Holy Water glass containers are brimming full

of new Holy Water.

I love very much that we can bless our homes with it

and drink of it.


The blessings of the Waters

was last night on Theophany Eve

at my Ottawa parish.


It was so joyful.

I was bursting over with happiness;

how much I wish to stay right here in Ottawa.

Learning continually to seek to say

"Whatever You want God"

and to remain peaceful in the process.

Not easy but that seems to be the noticeable

goal of my current life situation.

I was given the grapes

and, through provision of a belated St. Nicholas gift

the other food;

having simple staples like onion and garlic

(the garlic cloves are in the basket on top)

as well as bread and wonderful things in the freezer

feels like a very significant blessing.


I got a large beef roast for half off at the grocery store;

made it into three sections;

froze two and put the third in my slow cooker

to make tomorrow.


A belated feast for today's feast day!

Have been doing interview prep today;
interview tomorrow slightly after the noon hour.
I feel good about the it;
a 1 year contract.
Have not heard back from the other place
that promised me an interview.
Praying for God's will
and being honest with how much I want to stay
in Ottawa.
I was given the Icon of the Annunciation
where the Theotokos accepts God's will for her
in bearing Christ;
may it be as you said.
God is good to us all the time;
all the time God is good.
Thank you all again for your prayers and encouragement!
You are blessings of God to me!


Kiernan said...

Praying for this interview!

Matushka Anna said...

Joyous Feast (a little late)!

RW said...

will be thinking of you this morning ....