Monday, January 24, 2011

Monday Quiet and Full

It has been really cold here in Ottawa;

-38 C yesterday walking to church!

I love it though and got to layer up with no less

than 4 scarves!

(It's about a 30 minute walk for me...)

My Christmas tree has been packed away

for another year.

Back to 'normal' as it were.

Last Sunday celebrating Theophany...

Such a beautiful feast!

I finally got some new icons put up on my wall.

St. Spyridon;

and St. John of Suceava


Such a blessing.


I've been working on a cover letter

and job research.

Of course it always takes longer than you hope for.


Am trying to stay at peace during this process.


Am going to my friend's for dinner and

will enjoy the company of her two small boys

one of which I will read stories to.


Am a bit overwhelmed with all I need to do this week.

But God is with us.


RW said...

happy monday to you.
I am back from a very successful lightbulb expedition. I am going to have some tea and rest a bit as my back is tired and it is pouring rain.

margaret said...

I like the view. Looks like gingerbread houses with icing. Every time I see your blue walls I want blue walls too but I guess I'll have to be grateful my camera occasionally invents them.

Cuddles to Cleo.

Kiernan said...

God is with us....a good reminder. I needed that after a crazy Monday.

. said...

Hope you enjoyed your chilly walk. You home looks so comfy and inviting!

E Helena E said...

Love this weather too, but I missed church again :-(
Praying that you will have good news soon.

elizabeth said...

RW - yay for lights... sorry about the rain...

M - thanks! I am happy for my blue walls but I think white is also good; was reading over the story of St. Elizabeth the New Martyr and she had white walls with her icons...

K- thanks. Yes.

Thanks Sarah! I do like my little home... :)

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

The icons are lovely, Elizabeth !