Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Cold Day, Some Sun

Still in the 12 days of Christmas.
Had a good time with a dear friend.
Replaced one of my IKEA mugs as one had broken.
Got fish oil.
Tomorrow more cover letters to write.
Researching French courses; may get a course paid for
(low cost course of course) after all this time.
I am grateful for a warm apartment on such a cold night.


Kiernan said...

Teaching or studying French? I studied it for about two years in college, and I loved it.

margaret said...

I have just discovered the French course I wanted to start is full, would probably have been dreadful at it anyway.

Ikea is good, isn't it? I went there last week and got throwoevers for the chair the cat ruined for £3 each which is great because the cats will go on to ruin them too.

Fish oil? Urghle. My rheumatologist wants me to take it and I can't even bring myself to swallow the capsules - you are very brave imo.

elizabeth said...

mK - studying French because Ottawa is bilingual and it is keeping me from getting a job...

M - I have distilled fish oil that takes the fish taste out and there is added natural lemon flavour so it does not taste fishy at all! so nothing brave about it! If you can find this, I would recommend it... liquid is best...

Cristina said...

What a coincidence. I began yesterday to give my son fish oil capsules and it was very hard to convince him to swallow it. So I ended up by taking one capsule too. So it makes three: both of us and you. Lord have mercy: what a taste!
Little advice: between applying for jobs, take advance of this time and relax, read, take long walks and enjoy every moment. There will come a time (soon) when you'll miss this spare time you have now. Bisous.