Thursday, January 06, 2011

Christmas Eve Supper

Grocery shopping this morning
involved 10 lb bag of potatoes (.50 cents more than 5 lb bag)
3 lb of carrots
lots of beets and onion
2 bags of potato and onion perogies
and other things
equalled a heavy suitcase full of groceries
walking 20 minutes back home.
My friends helped make the dinner a success.
Borscht made with roasted garlic, onion, carrots and beets.
Lots of lenten perogies with fried onion.
Fried onion and mushrooms.
Picked vegetables.
A green salad.
Great Breads.
Clementine Oranges.
Compline and Litia at church.
Suddenly back fully in Ottawa.
Christmas Liturgy tomorrow at 10 AM.


RW said...

looks like a lovely celebration

margaret said...

Oh, yum. I wish had been there. Borsht and pierogis are two of my favourite things.

Sarah said...

Christ is born! Glorify him! Wishing you a blessed Christmas today :)

Kiernan said...

Christ is born! Glorify Him! Enjoy the Christmas season!

Anonymous said...

Christ is born! Merry Christmas to you - have a blessed day! I hope you got my card :)

Emily H. said...

I'm glad you arrived back safely!