Saturday, January 29, 2011

Prayer for Another

(Icon of St. Seraphim from Kiev).
A friend called me in the middle of the night.
Really struggling.
She is a God-believing protestant.
As I have experienced the difference that being
an Orthodox Christian in an Orthodox Church,
not to mention
Orthodox monasteries,
I can only say I wish so much that she had what
the Orthodox church offers.
Please say a prayer for my dear friend.
I am miles from her and wish I could be with her
during this time of trial.
If you are Orthodox do not forsake what you have received!
It is such a temptation for us to not
be present to the Church that is for our salvation,
for our repentance and hope;
may God help us.


margaret said...

Prayers for your friend.

elizabeth said...

Thank you. She is in great need of prayer.

E Helena E said...

You are a prayer warrior. I am not surprised that she called you.
Prayers for her also.

Anonymous said...

Prayers for her. Hugs and love to you.