Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A mercy of God

(This is my Mom's nice dish set; they were my
Grandmother's mother's dishes.)
I just wanted to note that I talked to my Grandma
tonight (not to be confused with my 102 year old Oma)
and it was such a blessing.
I reminded her of one of my Aunt's playing a joke on me
many Christmases ago;
we have name gift exchanges and my Aunt had my name...
I was about 18 or 19 at the time
and had asked for two possible gifts:
a popcorn popper
or a
devotional book.
I know... strange combination!
The gift I got from my Aunt's family was their
old beat up 1970's popcorn popper
in a box.
Later, after much laughter,
my Aunt gave me a new copy of
Joni Earekson Tada's recently published devotional,
diamonds in the dust
which I remember beginning to read in the new year...
I think I had just turned 19.
You know, her book had a huge impact on me;
I remember it so vividly;
she wrote on such simple topics;
including sin and frankly
it was some of the first movements in my more 'adult' life
(as opposed to a life of a young adult or child)
that moved me towards the life-giving gift of repentance
and hope.
I had given my Grandma an older copy of a Joni E Tada book
for Christmas that I had for years.
She is reading it now and enjoying it.
What a blessing it was to remember that Christmas past
and to talk with my Grandmother.
It is not easy to grow older
(she is 80 now but you would not know it);
one of her relatives through marriage
who she'd known for some years
died on Saturday; even though she had been ill
it was still a surprise.
She lost my Grandpa 6 years ago, she knows
how hard this is.
She is an example to me;
she prays for so many people,
is active in her church and still
has a volunteer job
3 times a week.
I hope when I am older
God willing
that I will be like her.
It is moments like this phone call
that remind me of God's love and how blessed I am
to have such a Grandmother.
Thanks be to God!


humanics said...

It is so nice to be able to have family members that are so special- particularly grandparents. I never had any around and it is something that I've always found to be missing.

Emily H. said...

Family is so important!

E Helena E said...

What an inspiring lady!