Monday, January 17, 2011

Tuesday's word: sudden focus

In December I got an unexpected
when home in Michigan.
I got word today that I will be getting a call soon
for a second interview.
I am going to work very hard from now
until the interview
(that may be by the end of this month)
to prepare for it.
I suddenly have a new focus.
Will need wisdom for what else to apply for given my situation.
If I am not online as much,
you'll know why!
I really would like this job.
In other news, I see my dermatologist again tomorrow.
The rash is spreading.
I am more at peace, even if I have to go back
on very unwanted meds.
I am at peace when I remember to merely accept all
of the day's happenings as God's will for me
for this day,
this time.
May God be with us and help us.


Matushka Anna said...

I'm sorry about the rash spreading. May God give you peace about it.

That's very good news about the interview! Keep us up to date on it. (c;


RW said...

yeah for the interview.
I got your email. Will respond with some thoughts tonight.

elizabeth said...

Thank you Mat Anna. Will do so.

RW - thanks. appreciate this muchly.

Athanasia said...

YAY for the interview. Do some internet searching and review their website if there is one, so you can get a good handle on their mission, values and projects.

Boo for the rash. Stress?

All will be well. Be at peace.


elizabeth said...

A - yes, I am doing LOTS of internet searching and will be looking at the things you mention.

Yeah, no fun w. the rash :( I think it probably is stress-related...

I am seeking to be at peace.

Thanks for the hugs!

Kiernan said...

Good news! I'll be praying. :-)

GretchenJoanna said...

That will keep you busy! Glory to God for all things. Will be praying.

DebD said...

prayers for both the interview and for your rash.

thegeekywife said...

Prayers for healing and employment.

elizabeth said...

thanks everyone for your thoughts and prayers!

amy said...

Best wishes on your interview!

...and I'll be praying for you †

margaret said...

I should say prayers for the interview, shouldn't I? But you have them anyway and what I want to say is that is a gorgeous photo, red berries and pine cones, two of my favourite things.