Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Tuesday - buffet pictures

The top of my buffet.

Margaret surprised me with the quick revelation that buffet

is not a word used for a furniture piece

across the pond.

So, to clarify:

from what I understand one would call a piece of furniture

on this side of the pond

a dish cabinet that does not have a top or hutch,

as a the top shelves, when glassed in, is called.

I got pretty much all of my furniture

including the buffet

from IKEA a few years ago.


I don't think they make all the pieces I have now.

So it is.

(The dishes shown are my Grandma's dishes who I mentioned in

my last post who was married to my Grandfather, John).


Thankfully my buffet has deep shelving

as I have a lot of dishes

and not a lot of kitchen cabinets.

Not to mention that this apartment's small


(it is half a wall with enough counter space for a dish rack)

has no drawers.

Not a one!!

So my 5 buffet drawers hold not only my

pretty things,

like tea strainers, tea cozy, cloth napkins

and an extra tea pot,

but also my measuring cups, spoons and the like.

Here's the current look of my the other side of the buffet,
with my new delft egg cups from my Mom
(thrift store find, believe it or not! only in Western Michigan!)
tea cups, tea strainer,
and part of my white and blue dishes...
Well my friends, hope you enjoyed the tour. :)
If you wonder how I put on 8 people dinners with no counter space...
Here's how it's done:
1. Use kitchen table for food prep
2. Boss everyone around in a gentle fashion to ensure that only 3
of the 8 are in the kitchen area
so I am not tripping over people, etc.
3. When the food is all prepared and setting on the table,
and it is time to set the table with table cloth and my beloved dishes,
all the food has to be moved to the coffee table (!)
so that the table can be washed, clothed and set.
4. Put all food back and take picture before prayer and the 8 of us sit to dine.
Bet some of you never thought about that part of the
pre-dinner preparation for a smallish apartment!
It's fun though and I am really happy with my apartment.
And the 5 fit nicely 3 on my white couch,
the other two on my two arm chairs.
After a few days of relative quiet and it just being Cleo and I...
I must say I am almost ready to put on a dinner again,
though perhaps first for smaller numbers...


mamajuliana said...

Your apartment looks co cozy and inviting!

elizabeth said...

Thanks. I really like my apartment!

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

I do so love all your dishes :-)