Thursday, January 20, 2011

Thursday - a very good day - cold and sunny

I believe I interviewed well today.
I am thankful to God.
Got word of the other interview that I was promised!
Will be early afternoon Feb 1st.
So I have time to prepare.
I will not hear back from the interview I had today
until after this time
so that is good.

I had one of my dear friends over for a special

post-Theophany Feast.

(Notice that Cleo the Cat joined us!)

On the menu:

slow cooker beef roast with carrots, 1 small onion,

1 can of cream of mushroom soup,

1 can water (did not need so much water)

garlic slices in pierced meat with oil salt and pepper

good douse of Worcestershire sauce.

It made a great gravy...

(Thanks to Sarah for her suggestions on preparing this!)

Also on tonight's menu:

baked potato, bread

good deep red wine, water and

a chocolate chai decaf tea for dessert

with grapes to nibble on

and a lovely toffee chocolate bar that we never

got around to eating

for virtue of being full from the dinner!

The table cloth is from my Grandmother
who found it at a mission thrift shop where she
(at 80 years old no less!)
The dishes are also from my Grandmother.
I thank God for this day
and that I have another interivew for an Ottawa job
and that I had one also today!
Thank you all for your prayers!
They were really helpful!
Thank God!!


Matushka Anna said...

Good news!

(And I love the tablecloth!)

Victoria said...

you set a lovely table.
Good luck with the interviews and job searching.
I'm praying for you!

amy said...

Yea! So happy your interview went well and you've more to prepare for. That's wonderful news.

Your table is so lovely~ and what a scrumptious meal! It looks as if Cleo enjoyed herself as well ; ' )

Marfa said...

What a lovely tablecloth. I wish you all the best in the Ottawa interview! I can tell you want to stay there. Have you gone ice skating on the Rideau canal?

mamajuliana said...

I am glad about both interviews. A beautiful tablescape-you make your apartment look so welcoming and homey.

...and of course Cleo would have a seat! ... completing the whole scene of loveliness!

I'll keep praying-Have a wonderful weekend.

elizabeth said...

Thank you all! Thanks V for the prayers, everyone for the loving of my dinner table, ...

Marfa - I have walked on the Rideau Canal but I have not skated in years! Terrible eh?!!! I should post a picture of others skating on it for you... I live a ten minute or less walk from it though! Really nice... my favourite tree is very near to the canal... Yeah, I do want to stay here... it is no surprise that you can tell!! :)

MJ- thank you for your love and prayers!

You all do me so much good! :)