Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Thursday of Mid-January 2011

We have made it to Mid-January.
It is grey - bleak - and Christmas celebrations
are winding down,
the New Year is 13 days old,
and I read a random fact that next Monday is considered
the depression of all Mondays of the year.
How Cheery, eh?
So what to do?
I took a walk and took pictures.
Came back, ate, drank warm tea
and am listening to Brahms.
Cleo came near for a quick Cleo hug.

I was happy to see the remaining colours of red and gold;

defiant leftovers from the holiday season.


What else do we do during this time?

I drank my fish oil and took my morning vitamins.

Worked on cover letters.

This is a huge struggle this week - each job I am applying to has

emotional implications for me

that I can't go into but only allude to.


The snow and grey is here,

but there is red and gold remaining...

I visited my favourite tree.

I do love my trees.

It really spoke of mid-winter grey

to see my tree without sun or leaves.

But it's beautiful strong trunk and beautiful twisting limbs

were there to greet me as usual.

I may get a temporary contract doing data entry.

It would pay the bills and keep me going

till April or so.


I think I was not selected for a second interview with

the out of province job.

I was kind of bummed about this but not fully;

the idea of moving and starting this job

was really overwhelming.


I am reminded of a story in the book on Elder Thaddeus

in which a woman comes to him

barely able to walk and supported by two friends.

He speaks with her and tells her she is too depressed;

that her husband will come back,

that she must SING...

sing to her husband, SING...

and he promises to go to church to do some prayers for her

and she looks at him

and he at her

and he tells her go home...

and soon the woman who had come barely walking

begins to RUN and runs back,



How this struck a cord with me;

We must SING. We must FIGHT. We must ask God for His help

and remind ourselves that

God is with us

right now,

with us;

that we are never abandoned.

And we must see every day the goodness of God

and the beauty He puts forth...

We are weak
but yet God puts gardens in our path,
in all seasons.
Let us pray for each other,
that we can Sing.


margaret said...

You have favourite trees? So do I. I remember reading in Anne of Avonlea how she threw her arms around a silver birch and called it sister... I was so glad... I stopped feeling weird. And, according to a friend, Mother Gavrilia said, "hug a tree, it will make you feel better", I have never been able to find this quote but I hope it is true. Everywhere I go I am glad of trees... in my street every garden was planted with a tree and mine has been dug up but this spring I intend to buy a replacement. In Judaism there is a special time for planting trees and various prayers to be said for them. Have you ever see the movie, Crossing Delancey? there's this lovely scene where the guy goes to the shul to pray for success with the girl he loves and all he can come up with is the brocha for planting trees! Okay enough :) I will talk about trees forever if you let me.

elizabeth said...

Did I never mention my favourite tree? Well my speical walk (I think I blogged about this one this summer) has my favourite tree ... I took lots of pictures and my November posts are litterd with them...

I did not know that about M. Gavriella, or I did not remember... I have not seen the movie, but it sounds good...

Trees are very special!

I am glad we both have favourite trees!

Ah Anne of Green Gables... a good book...

Mat. Emily said...

I am thinking about you, Elizabeth! And of course praying that some job doors start to open for you very soon!

amy said...

Such a lovely, lovely post, Elizabeth! Thank you for sharing the photos - there's nothing quite like a bit of red & gold to blot out the dreary grays of winter. I'll be praying for you, too -- that doors will open and the right job will be found.

I do love the winter, though - and trees are very much a part of that. I tell the children the trees are sleeping and it is only during this time of year that we really get to see their raw beauty. And I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who notices such the way the branches curve and reflect the sun or the fantastic way the roots will cling to a cliffside while the limbs reach heavenward as if to hold the sun ... so much gladness there.

Matushka Anna said...

I can't live without trees. I think I would wither and die. Seriously. And I always understood Anne and the trees.

Keep singing, honey!

GretchenJoanna said...

I have only known one tree well enough to call it my favorite, and I recently saw that I had started to write a blog about it, so now I will have to do it!

Thank you for the story about singing. It rings/sings a bell with me and in my spirit.

mamachurchmouse said...

Thank you! You'll have to show me that tree some time. I used to have a favourite tree by a canal in my hometown. It's been cut down since... But my parents have a picture of it framed in their apartment.

RW said...

may I just say that I am humbled by your faith.

elizabeth said...

Mat Emily - thank you!

Amy, yes, trees are such gifts!

Mat Anna - Me too - trees are so vital - thanks for your comment!!!

GJ - look forward to this! Yes, we must sing!

MC - will do. already emailed you.

RW - if I took credit for anything I would suddenly be in a deep mired pit. I merely write what I know I must do and go towards and at times the writing is a way for me to push towards singing. Other than that it is the prayers of others and the prayers of monastics and choosing to read only that what will feed and instruct my soul. I fall constantly and must get up again....