Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Quick Turn Around

I applied for a 1 year contract yesterday.
Was called today.
Interview Thursday early afternoon.
Prayers Requested.
(It is in Ottawa).
Got meds but thankfully
I am not on the highest dose and
it will be less than a month
of taking them.
Still, even at the lowest dose,
I had insomnia.
I start tomorrow morning on this.
Seeking to trust God in all things
and focus on my Thursday interview.
Cancelled some things but am still going to church.
Yay for Theophany Eve today!
Blessed Feast to all those on the old calendar!


mamajuliana said...

I will be praying!!!

Both for the interview and for your recovery..and for the gift of sleep.

. said...

Prayers indeed! I know you'll do beautifully. Even though I've already celebrated Theophany, Glorious Feast to you! It was a wonderful liturgy :) Hope you get some sleep.

margaret said...

Blessed Feast! My heart is on the Old Calendar still.

DebD said...

praying for tomorrow and for some sleep for you.

RW said...

more good news.
I am with you E.
send me an email and let me know how the interview goes.