Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sunday - Cold and Sun Bright

My Cat Cleo is cute cute cute.

And nice to me - I put her back on the window sill just

to take the picture.

I guess I am spoiled too!

It was so good to be in liturgy and pray.

I am hoping to be on the upward swing

with the anxiety issues.

I know in part they are from insomnia

[had it this week again :( ]

and other factors;

it is strange when one knows that the anxiety

is in part from things outside of one's control.

I am however hoping to

deepen my repentance about the

do not worry that Christ tells us to do.

It took me years to realize that such verses of comfort

were actually meant to be obeyed

i.e. really to not worry.

We praise Christ for His long suffering for a reason

during Lent!!

God is so patient with me!

I know, I know,

I do think a lot of Cleo and her cuteness.

Will end this post with a prayer request:
remember that rash I had in November
that I had to go on heavy meds for?
I have one spot of it again;
I'd been ignoring it as it was not spreading and
not really growing.
I showed it to my spiritual father (who is also my priest)
and he told me I must tell my doctors about this
as it is such an early recurrence.
I will. If Father tells me to do it then
I best do so.
So please pray for me;
the X-Ray was clear;
the blood work still has to be rechecked
and the last thing I want is to
have to go on the heavy meds again.
They made my anxiety skyrocket, my insomnia
became insomnia-with-sleeping-pills
and I felt really shaky and had to eat constantly.
Thanks for your prayers.
Most of all I have to remember what a holy monastic said to me
in the last while:
Glory to God for everything
which includes all of my troubles.
I am so glad for a new week
and for two extra (Theophany)
church services
and a friend coming over mid-week
and other things.
Meanwhile, I best work on a cover letter due tomorrow
in case the doctor's appointment
leads me to go back to the
Please also keep my friends I mentioned yesterday in prayer;
prayer is much needed for both of them.


Sarah said...

I think Cleo cat is cute as well! Hope your rash goes away and doesn't cause you too much trouble. Good luck with the resume/cover letter...praying for you!

mamajuliana said...

Praying for your health.

...and Cleo is such a photogenic kitty...posed or not!

E Helena E said...

Praying daily for you. Will add prayers for the friends

margaret said...

Cleo is such a darling. I do hope you manage to catch the rash before it spreads - at least you know what it is this time. Praying that all goes well with the resume and letter.