Monday, July 15, 2019

How is it the middle Monday in July!?! (Plus a blog announcement...)

Wow! Summer is just flying by! 
Well, I have been working out an idea I have been pondering 
for a while, and that is, in part, to have a space to put my
cooking and baking adventures in a more ordered space,
and to write my thoughts, meditations and adventures in what
I have been doing all along:
 baking, cooking and having dinner parties,
teas, luncheons and the like.

So I have created a new blog for this and I do hope you will take a look.
It is called All The Ribbons (go here to see the reason behind the name)
and I have had a lot of fun setting it up and
have 2 posts on it so far.
The first post is actually a bit more about my Husband and I's early days
 with dear friends on the first day we met in person.
The second post is the beef satay that I posted in my last blog post here.

I wrote about how I discovered this recipe, the cooks and cookbook
and how I adapted recipe for this delicious skewered beef satay with peanut sauce!
The blog post is called:
I hope you enjoy it!
I will still be right here on this blog - I don't plan on going anywhere!
But I hope to update my new All the Ribbons blog over time and will
let you know here when I do.  But you can also bookmark the blog or
add it to a feed reader, if you would like. 
I would love to have you there, and here on this blog, 
the 'usual station' that you know well! 
Well, we stayed local on Sunday for church....

After the liturgy (which is a service that has Holy Communion),
we all went downstairs to share a meal together.
Mr Husband had the brilliant idea of bringing cards for everyone to sign
for our dear Candle Desk Man who is now in Rehab, at 87 years old. 
We went to visit him at Rehab and were happy to see that he was 
sitting up, as before he was not strong enough to do so.
We hope to visit him again soon...

We enjoyed the last of the cake with ice cream in the later afternoon!
Mr Husband had a brilliant idea of using half of the peanut sauce in noodles that 
I had cooked Saturday night ... 

Such soft noodles, they just glistened! 

I removed the meat from the last 4 (of 8) Skewers and cut each piece of meat in half.
You can read more about this on my All the Ribbons blog!
We really enjoyed this meal!
The peanut sauce was a bit more spicy than just on skewers, as you were eating more of the
sauce with the noodles. We found it a bit spicy with a heat that added depth to the 
enjoyment of such a wonderful easy to eat comfort food! 
I will be making this again! 
If you want to know more about the recipe and ingredients, do go here 

We enjoyed this new meal while having a Walton's date! 
We found it really well acted, very moving...

Today I saw the mural had some more done on it... 
he is nearing the end of it, he said... 

I enjoyed diner leftovers (we went Saturday night!)
I have a fajita and my Husband a burger and fries.
He let me finish his burger and fries for lunch today :) 
I am enjoying this book, published in 1998.
Some sad parts in it ... so many lost youth, then and now.  But it's well written
and quite absorbing. 

I got a small order of food via amazon now / whole foods.
I am using the strawberry yogurt for my strawberry lemon yogurt cake that  
 first made this cake for a lovely baby shower and it was that night
 that I first learned of my now Husband's existence! 
God willing, I am making the cake for St Elizabeth's day (this Thursday) 
which is when I learned that my now 
Husband was willing to send me an email, beginning everything.... ❤
I alluded to this time in my life here, and Becki, you asked to know more.
I am touched that you want to know about my life, thank you dear friend!
I love my blog community so much!
Well...I was told over a year ago, 
when we were visiting St Anthony's Monastery,
that I should write this story up.
It will take a bit of time to do, as I want to write it well. 
But I will try to do so. 
I feel it is time to write more... but give me some time, 
this week (and the next few) are quite busy! 

I stocked up on some decaf black tea...
after 2 PM, I only drink decaf so I can sleep at night! :) 
Today was a cleaning day and then a friend came over later on,
needing to talk and have some peace.
So it's been a full day here.
My washing machine is still whirling and
 I have a mountain of laundry to fold!
Tomorrow I hope to go to NYC to get a NYPL library card
and do some research on my possible eye issues and 
do a few shopping errands. 
I am going to the Philly Eye Institute Friday, August 2nd.
I feel a bit nervous about it but try to keep my eyes on Christ
and not on my fears of possible vision loss/additional eye problems later on. 
I thank God for the medical care and ask for prayers
for guidance in my research. 
May God help us all in our times of fear trouble as well
as protect us in our times of joy.


Granny Marigold said...

I think it's a wonderful idea to have a separate blog for your cooking/baking adventures. Although I'm not an adventurous cook as you are, I enjoy reading about and seeing pictures of other people's creations. I "read" cookbooks for fun... knowing I'll never make any of the beautifully photographed dishes. Now I'm off to look at your other blog ( and to find out why you named it as you did.)

Diana said...

I love the sweet little story of how the name of your new blog came about! I'll keep praying about your eye issues and for the medical team that will figure out the best treatment for you. I know the unknown is scary, but we serve a big God Who can handle our biggest problems and calm our fears. Mr. Husband's idea of the cards for Candle Desk Man is fantastic – those will be such a nice surprise for him. I can hardly believe it's the middle of July either! Geesh, where has this year gone so fast! Hugs and blessings! ♥