Thursday, July 04, 2019

Yarn Along ... pinks and blues... and tea! and beauty!

I have made a lot of fun royal blue wash clothes...
knitting on the PATH train to NYC, the subway in NYC,
at my friend's house in Pittsburgh, 
at this conference which I highly recommend listening to 
so insightful, powerful and such love... 

I met a lot of dear ones at the Conference,
though I was careful not to get too peopled out, 
as I wanted this to be something fun, 
not an overwhelming experience for me, 
a cross between introvert and extrovert. 
So there were a lot of people who I know from them being online,
but I did not introduce myself to them as it would have
been too much in such a short time.
That said, I really enjoyed myself, felt it went really well
and between that and an earlier visit to the 
Elwood City Monastery, so beautiful ...
God gave me this feeling of peace, of joy, of love, 
that I had not felt like that in a very long time, 
as in that abundance, like I was floating along by God's mercy... 
one of those rare times of blessings,
I am so grateful for that. 

So it's been nice to be knitting simple 
wash clothes... and in so many places! 
I have a few more I need to weave ends in...
I think I will not start any bigger projects until the Fall as
the heat makes it hard to do much else!
I am hoping to sew more though, 
and began the beginnings of a simple pillow,
the picture below is of the front of this pillow...

As for reading, 
I am dipping into this Psalter, which is so lovely,
reading slowly this book of letters,
which I am pondering and learning so much from;
read this novel (blogged about here, ended up being a traumatic unexpected ending,
still a bit in shock about it),
and am reading tons of cooking things, including this new to me blog,
and ordered new stack of cookbooks and memoir cookbooks 
to enjoy in the coming months! 
I am so glad Ginny is doing the Yarn Along once a month now,
even though I have not been able to join for some time!
I have met some wonderful blog friends through Ginny's Yarn Along
and am grateful for it and them! 
If you create with fiber/yarn,
yarn along with us! 


karen said...

I love to make washcloths when I am in between projects or when I'm so busy I can't think straight. Yours are lovely. I'm glad yarn along is back and only once a month, so easier to do when life is busy!

GretchenJoanna said...

Someday, someday... I will knit washcloths again, I will! I think one can't have too many knitted washcloths, and they are nice gifts, as you say. Thank you for the inspiration!

Lisa Richards said...

I, too, love knitting washcloths! One of the few things I've ever finished! They're such a do-able size and so many pretty colors to choose from. I'll try to listen to that podcast later. I know what you mean about having to be careful not to overdo it in large gatherings. We have to know our limitations. Enjoy that stack of new cookbooks! :)

Cheryl said...

Summer is perfect for smaller projects. Your washcloths are a great idea. So easy to travel with. I tend to take granny squares or patchwork squares. I'm an introvert but not shy. I think your approach to an event is very wise. I usually need a day to recover afterwards. Beautiful fabric for your cushion cover.

Kristin said...

There's something so satisfying about a simple project like dishcloths. I normally knit mine when I'm at the movies. I really like the colors you've chosen for your cloths!

elizabeth said...

Karen, I agree, it's so nice that the Yarn Along is once a month!

G-J: you are welcome!

Lisa, Nice! Yep! Good to know one's limits! :)

Cheryl, Yes! I need recovery time too! Thanks for your kind comment!

Kristin, yes, there really is something satisfying in simple projects! :) Nice to meet you here!

Becki said...

I missed this post and am so sorry, too. I haven't seen a post from you about knitting or crocheting is along time. And I didn't realize that Ginny Sheller began her Yarn Along again. I will check it out. That is where I first "met" you, Elizabeth. Your pictures are so bright and cheery. And I love knitting dishcloths too. Crochet is my first yarny love, but I do enjoy simple knitting.