Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Wednesday: what can I say? You were not the easiest of days

Mr Husband was in the living room when I got up,
had my first-thing-in-the-morning blessed bread and holy water,
and walked towards him and asked about his Uncle.
Uncle Hank died last night, a bit before 11 PM.
We knew it was coming, even though it was all so sudden.
We are not able to go to the funeral but that does not stop our love,
 our grief; prayers tonight that I said out loud for us,
the ones we were saying extemporaneously (instead of written prayers which we also pray)
stopped and started a lot, as I kept thinking about loss, about my Husband's Uncle,
about other losses; about that we are in the second half of our lives now
and we have, as far as we know, a lot of loss in front of us,
to go through, in the next years.
[The things they don't tell you in University when you are in your early 20s.]
So we watched the Walton's episode about Pearl Harbor, December 7, 1941.
We found it well done.  I thought it was perfect watching since we are in grief
already and Uncle Hank served the US in Korea. 
Cleo, the naughty cat, did not take her medicine well tonight.  :(
Do you remember her beautiful blue eyes?
They are yellow now, from jaundice. :( 
I am really glad that my Husband is OK with simple meals.
We had toast and salad for lunch
and toast, salad and fruit salad for dinner.
I had wanted to make curry, but my Husband wanted it with potatoes,
which I did not have on hand, due to the fact that they often sprout so fast
in my pantry, that I am only getting them on a 'as-needed-basis'...
So I am getting some tomorrow and if all goes well, will make a curry on Friday.
Tomorrow is a go to NYC day.  At least to the dentist in the afternoon.
I am terribly behind on emails, so if I owe you one,
I will get to it, as I can, as I have time.
I can't wait to have that meal I made yesterday again tomorrow. 
The plum torte is like summer to me and my Husband;
and now, the easy beef stroganoff and the best cream biscuits,
I will remember, always, liked to our dear gentle sweet +Uncle Hank.
May God remember him in His Kingdom!
Memory Eternal!
Memory Eternal!
Memory Eternal! 


Lisa Richards said...

Sorry for the loss of Uncle Hank. I know he was and is much loved.
There's no real way to prepare for the time of life when, increasingly, loved ones begin making the journey home to heaven. But we have confidence that being with Jesus is better than anything we experience here. I'm so thankful for that! Love and hugs to you and your hubby.
My hubby was always easy to please with meals. It's a good trait in husbands! :)

elizabeth said...

Thanks so much Lisa! Yes, I am so thankful for Christ as well! thank you so much for your love!

Lilly's Mom said...

So sorry for your loss of your dear Uncle. May his memory be eternal. 🙏

Lisa said...

I made a dish with curry tonight - it was very nice. I am sorry about Uncle Hank - it's hard to lose dear uncles and aunts - there's something special about those relationships. Sorry also to hear about Cleo's jaundice! I hope it gets resolved.

Granny Marigold said...

Condolences on the loss of your dear uncle Hank.

I can't access that recipe for Plum Torte from the link in your post but I'm hoping it will find its way into All the Ribbons. It does look good.

Hoping Cleo is recovering. Cats are not cooperative when forced to take medication!!

Becki said...

I'm so sorry to read about your husband's Uncle Hank's passing. How good that he is so loved.