Saturday, July 06, 2019

Orange Cake with Chocolate, Swimming and Saturday Ventures

Swimming sure means summer where we live now...
did 8 laps this morning... 
When we woke up and went to the living room, we saw
that Cleo the Naughty Old Lady Cat had been on the table
and messed up the entire game of Scrabble that we had left there.
Well, that was the end of that first game! :(
I had taken a picture of it last night... it would have been 
hard for us to continue the game, but I do wish Cleo would not
be naughty like that. 
We finished up the Indian leftovers I made,
baked in the toaster oven again.
This baking has made all the difference.
From a meal I was a bit disappointed in (after all that effort)
to something I really enjoyed eating.
A cooking redemption, if you were.
So my Husband really wanted me to use up some 
canned fruit we had in the house,
our pantry is so fully of blessings; he is so right
that I need to get to work on that.
So I had canned Mandarin oranges and I knew 
I would need an older cookbook to find a recipe with oranges in it.
Sure enough, the Amish cookbook my friend gave me had a recipe!
So I made this vegan, 
it was easy to do, as the only thing that needed
switching was the eggs. 
I have egg replacement powder and away I went!
The frosting was my own decision,
a bag of Trader Joes (vegan) chocolate chips melted over a double boiler
with some of the "juice" from the canned oranges.
If I had an orange jam that would have been a neat addition to the frosting.
I will take the cake to church tomorrow, God willing!
I hope whatever your day was, that
there were blessings in it and God's comfort.


Diana said...

Mmmmmm, orange caaaaaake. That sounds wonderful. Without the chocolate, though. *GASP* Yup, I don't like chocolate. Jerry and I love playing Scrabble... we just don't keep score. We just have fun making words. But we need a newer dictionary, ours is from the 1980s LOL! Hope you and Husband are having a lovely blessed Sunday, Elizabeth! ♥

Lisa Richards said...

The cake sounds scrumptious! A game of Scrabble sounds like fun! God bless you guys! :)

Granny Marigold said...

I can imagine how delighted those people at church were to share your orange/chocolate cake.
Too bad Cleo messed up your game. My daughter 'complains' that she can't do jigsaw puzzles because her cat also messes it up. I suppose cats cannot resist??

Nancy said...

You mean that you didn't leave the game set up just for Cleo to play with?

Becki said...

I've never made a cake with oranges (or mandarins) in it, though this sounds so much like something my MIL would make (i.e. from a recipe from long-passed days). I think Cleo was just practicing her spelling. ;^)