Friday, July 19, 2019

Boy, it's hot out there: the Friday edition

Last I looked, the heat index / real feel was 105F and 93F.
Tomorrow up to 100F and Sunday 99F real temperature.
I ate granola for lunch and dinner.
Wilting in AC.  I know it's in part because
I was so busy this week.
And early this afternoon, a lady, cute young daughter and I 
went to visit our candle desk man who is at Rehab / Nursing Home
and I put up some paper icons with tape... 
It's hard to see one you loved so much unable to be on his own...
when only a few years ago he was giving me rides from church still...
but it is as it is and 87 years old at that... the age of my Grandmother... 
he was talking again how when he was a child the family had a farm
in another part of the NJ and he spent time haying and milking cows...
he saw sides of beef on hooks skinned right on the lawn
before going into the butcher's place, 
on the biggest street near ours, when he was a kid... 
Well, I finished a food memoir, I found it well written,
full of adventures, stories, food, social history...
and also a lot of pain and confusion and loneliness... 
I feel alternately at a loss to know what to do with the last decades
here in the States, all the "freedoms" that have come since 1968 that I see
actually has silent unacknowledged chains and the heartache and confusion
I see because of all that has happened. 
Messy, not easy to sort out, sad, but yet with advances in many areas,
including food.  But such a mix of sun and black darkness, with 
muddy greens, browns and greys with glorious beautiful flowers,
all mixed in together.  
Mr Husband is on his way home.
I have asked him to have water with him to drink,
of course I am worried about the heat.
But then, I worry, have a hard time not.  
I did some research on eye stuff.... 
I find that hard.
Like an overwhelming, don't want to think about it read about it
deadlines that is like a looming exam but instead
it's a day long trip to Philly where I will have more tests
and I will take a train there and back and have a list
of things to bring (including food, drink) and the like. 
So that's that.
I am thinking about cookies and how I want to bake them.
And how this heat needs to get tamed so I can do so.
I am glad we have watermelon, lemonade in the fridge 
and lots and lots of tea. 
May God help us all.
I seriously think that it was in His mercy that he made
tea for us to drink.... 


Lisa Richards said...

Yes, iced tea is definitely one of God's good ideas! Your friend in the nursing home is a couple of years younger than my step-dad. My dad very spry and I'm thankful that he's capable of living alone and thriving. I need to overcome my anxieties about travel and go see him this summer. God bless your good friend! Prayers for him.
Take care of yourselves! I don't think it's nearly that hot here.

GretchenJoanna said...

Surprising, isn't it, how good a cup of hot tea is, even on a hot day?

Granny Marigold said...

I can understand how your eye issues and what will ultimately happen can be overwhelming. It's all serious business.
The heat doesn't help to keep one's spirits up. Even with A/C I'm sure it's hard to breathe. As for baking cookies... It seems the hotter it is the more I feel like baking!! Not cooking though. Baking.

Diana said...

I'm just glad we can make ice for our water lol. The heat even makes our tap water lukewarm... so thank goodness for refridgerators also! Stuff going on with your eyes can be scary and overwhelming... prayers are continuing for you in that area especially. And continued prayers for Candle Desk Man! Blessings! ♥

Becki said...

Thank you for linking to the book you've recently read. I don't have it available at the library (I'm trying to not buy more books for now), but I did find another book by this author - Delicious - on audio. I'm not the best at listening to books, but I do find it makes my knitting/crocheting/cross stitching time feel more profitable (even if I have to hit rewind a dozen times).

I'm sorry your eye issues continual to be worrisome - understandably so. In comparison, my getting "getting older" eyes are just an inconvenience. A nuisance. But still... a reminder to me this week that "this world is not my home". A truth that, it seems for me, takes failures of the body for me to truly embrace and want to draw closer to.