Friday, July 05, 2019

Things to be thankful for

My Husband has accomplished a personal office goal
which was great.
We played scrabble tonight!
I liked that, though I find the game difficult! 
Finally got this meal (on day 3!) where I want it to be: 
my Husband had the brilliant idea of making our favourite noodles, 
I baked till drier (the tomatoes, cauliflower and pea dish) 
and/or until crispy (the potatoes and cauliflower). 
The taste and texture are finally exactly where I want them! 
Because of it being hot out, 
I used the toaster oven, stove top and microwave only!
Today I finally got most of the Easter eggs from Pascha put away...
This is what I am thankful for today.
How has God blessed you today?
I pray that we can all see the ways we are experiencing 
God's mercy and help, 
no matter how difficult... 


Diana said...

Those are such beautiful Easter eggs! All the designs, all the colors, fabulous! God has blessed us immensely with each person in our family and in our church. Oh! And my bonus blessings are all my blogging friends! Have a joyful weekend, ELizabeth! ♥

Granny Marigold said...

I agree with Diana that among my blessings I count my friends both those that are in my everyday life and my blogging friends also. I'm so thankful for seasons. I love to watch how everything changes as the months go by. And they do go by too quickly it seems! Have a blessed Sunday.