Thursday, July 11, 2019

Happy News, Sobering Need Prayer News and Chatting about dishes & easy dinners

First the happy news!

My sister, Rebecca, texted me on Monday with fairly HUGE unexpected news.
Their adopted daughter Raelyn had a half-brother born last week! 
Tuesday they went and met this little guy! 
and of course we are all thrilled!
My Grandma was over the moon when I talked to her,
my Mother of course is excited and already met the little guy 
and I can't wait to meet him, God willing, in the future.
We are all hoping the adoption will be a shorter process this time. 
Today, a year ago, was Raelyn's "gotcha day" as they say,
the day she was officially adopted. 
The second new is not as happy.
Our candle desk man, who I mentioned had fallen, 
is still in hospital. 
He was supposed to be going to rehab but his
lungs are compromised. 
I am quite concerned for his health and recovery.
Asking your prayers...
Granny Marigold, you mentioned using the bowls from this pattern I believe:

I just wanted to say that while I don't have any of these dishes, 
they are quite costly, as you can see the big plates are 18.99 per plate!
I have always admired this set! 
I first saw it when I was newly married, nearly 7 years ago! 

Well, while I am hoping to make Chicken Sate this weekend,
I do appreciate pre-made and frozen meals,
and parchment paper!
The above are fish sticks and I baked them at 425F in our 
toaster oven and used parchment paper so that they did not stick
to the metal pan while baking! 
I had leftover rice which we reheated with a bit of water 
in the microwave... some foodies and health-conscious types/hippie types
don't like microwaves but I am here to say that I do and for some things
they are so convenient! 
Well, there's the happy news, the sad news and chatty discussion for tonight!
May God help and have mercy on us all! 


Granny Marigold said...

I use my microwave daily as well and sure would miss it if suddenly I had to give up using it.

Best wishes to your sister and her family. Exciting times for them.

I had no idea that my bowls were so expensive, having bought them at the thrift store for .50 each. I bought them because I liked the pattern and we've used them a lot for salads also stews.

Elizabethd said...

I use my microwave too, it's so useful for reheating things.

I hope your friend will soon recover...lung problems are not so easy.

Diana said...

Parchment paper is my true friend for everything! Cooking, painting, crafting – everything! Sending up prayers for your friend and his health issues. I use our microwave A LOT! Prayers of praise and thankfulness for your sister and her family – such wonderful news and excitement! Blessings to you, Elizabeth! Have a great week! ♥

elizabeth said...

G-M yes the bowls are costly!!! You always find such great deals!

Elizabethd - thank you! his lung problems seem better but he has a ways to go yet.

Diana, yes parchment paper is such a blessing!!! I am so glad that you are rejoicing with us over the baby!!! :)